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Every smile is unique, so a patient needs a dentist who will take a unique approach to meet their needs when it comes to bringing out the beauty of their true smile.

There are many factors that go into creating that perfect smile. The length, shape and colour of teeth are important, as is the direction of teeth, as this represents health. Looking healthy is one of the most important factors that humans are attracted to in a partner. As the health of our mouth is a strong determining factor of our overall health, people tend to judge others on how their smile looks when deciding whether they are healthy, attractive and a potential mate.

So how can an oral healthcare professional provide their patients with the smile of their dreams? Thankfully, there are a whole host of different treatments and procedures available that can be used to achieve that final look. By using one or many of these options, patients are able to perfect, whiten, tidy and clean their teeth so that they are truer reflection of what they would like their smile to look like.

Aside from this, cosmetically enhanced teeth are generally healthier, as cosmetic dentistry ensures that the health of an individual’s mouth is improved as well as maintained. By deciding to make a change, individuals can therefore enjoy a physically healthier mouth as well as benefit from the emotional positives that loving their smile can bring.

What are some of the treatments available?

There are some common treatments, such as whitening and cleaning which are available to everyone. There are more complex and lengthy options that are also extremely common such as teeth straightening.

Straightening one’s teeth is important for health as well as self-esteem. Each individual is different in these situations, so a professional is needed to determine what model of brace would be best suited to their patient’s individual needs. It is great to discover that invisible, discreet and removable options are in use today, giving patients choices to find a treatment plan that suits their lifestyle more.

Veneers are growing in popularity and are available to everyone now, rather than simply for the rich and famous. Although still expensive, techniques and materials are becoming more available, allowing the price to be pushed down and more in tune with the budget of many.

Should a person wish to invest in this treatment, they should be made aware that they need to commit to replacing the veneers when they chip or break away, which happens after 10 years or so, even when properly maintained.


There are less common, but equally important procedures that can be done to perfect a smile. Short teeth may be a result of gums that are too long and the excess gum can be removed with a laser.

This technique requires a steady and confident hand in order to successfully complete a symmetrical shape. Many oral healthcare professionals offer this treatment and are confident they can produce outstanding results for their patients.

By speaking with a team of professionals who are there to assist their patient, a treatment plan can be developed, beginning a journey towards a happier and healthier smile.

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