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You eat around three times daily. Throughout your day, you will have consumed various drinks and food. These range from salty to sweet, or bland to savory. Anything that enters your mouth might leave some residue behind. It has a lot of small crevices, where pieces of what you just have eaten could be lodged in. 

This is why you need to be vigilant with your oral health. You should thank your parents because they were constantly nagging you to brush your teeth. That helps sweep out any morsels left from your meal. If you do not take it seriously, you may develop some health issues. But if you are already suffering from oral disease, you’d better start looking for an orthodontist in Oviedo. They can check the extent of your condition and provide you with medical solutions.

Everyone should have a good brushing habit. While it does its job of cleaning out your pearly whites, other ways can help you take care of your oral health. You should not miss these:

Scraping Your Tongue

You would not know all of the ingredients of food or drinks that come into your mouth. But what is definite is that a lot of chemistry is going on inside it. Food that is left inside not only includes those in the dark corners. Your tongue can be a haven of various bacteria from what you have been ingesting throughout the day. If left unattended, it can lead to more health complications. 

Gingivitis is an example, but the possibilities are not limited to the mouth. Aside from brushing your teeth, include your tongue in the process. Some brushes have some edges at the back of their heads that you can use to scrape your tongue with. You can still use the bristles if you want. Do not forget to clean off the underside, too. Rinse it off with a glass of water or a shot of mouthwash for a fresher and cleaner mouth.

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The bristles of your toothbrush do a good job of thoroughly cleaning the surface of your teeth. But there are spaces in between them that also need some cleaning. Every bite you take will have food lodged in the small gaps between your teeth. If the bristles are not able to reach them, you need to develop the habit of flossing your teeth. 

Just unroll about a foot of that string and then find a gap that is bothering you, and you can start flossing from there. It is more effective at removing food stuck between your teeth, and it is not dangerous. This will not puncture your gums as a toothpick will.

Physical Habits

Oral care is not just about brushing and gargling regularly. It is also about the alignment of your teeth and jaw. Parents should not let their kids develop habits that would put constant pressure, such as sucking a thumb. This will cause one of the front teeth to grow at a weird angle. 

Another habit is biting too hard on food. Some food can be tough to bite on. Do not give yourself a stressful time; either cut it into smaller pieces or eat something else. You might injure your jaw or have some of your teeth fall out if you continue to bite your way into it.

Mouth care is essential when it comes to hygiene. Do not take it for granted. Keep your mouth clean at all times. Your body and the people around you will thank you for it.

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