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Some people experience skin problems at the onset of puberty and throughout their teenage years. Once they grow out of adolescence, their skin problems ease or even disappear. But some people suffer from acne, rashes, and other skin problems throughout their lives. Some of these people suffer from lifelong illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome or an autoimmune disease. Chronic fatigue treatments or autoimmune disease treatments range from medication to exercise, but what about treating the skin problems that are symptoms of these illnesses?

Skincare is vital, especially if you suffer from a chronic illness. Along with proper sleep and nutrition, adequate skincare makes it easier for people who live with these lifelong health issues to live a healthy and active life. Here are some skincare treatments that anyone could do to have smoother and more youthful skin, despite suffering from a chronic health problem.

Use facial cleansers.

People think that using soap is enough to cleanse the face, but if you suffer from rashes, lesions, and acne, it’s best to use a cleanser that is meant for the face. These cleansers remove impurities but do not dry out the skin. Excessive dryness could lead to more itchiness, so it’s best to use a body and face cleanser that does not strip away the skin’s protective layers.

Use a sunscreen.

Sunscreen protects from the sun’s UV rays but also protects you from sunburn and skin rash. The higher the SPF, the more it could protect you from the sun, but it’s best to choose SPF 30 or SPF 50 if you plan to spend a long time under the sun.

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Use a topical cream.

If you have rashes in other parts of your body, you need to consult a doctor to ask for the best topical ointment for your case. Some of these creams like hydrocortisone provide short-term relief, but they could also have side effects when used for the long-term. Ask your doctor for how long you could use it so you won’t suffer from the side effects.

Use a gel moisturizer.

If you have a combination of skin such as oily and dry skin, it’s best to use a gel moisturizer after cleansing. Gel moisturizers such as aloe vera can have a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. It could also provide more moisture on your skin without feeling excessively greasy. Aloe vera also has healing properties that could help with rashes and lesions.

Drink lots of water.

Hydration is essential not only for general health but also for maintaining healthy and smooth skin. Drink water when you wake up and before you go to bed. That can help your body rehydrate before you start the day and before you rest for the night.

Everyone, no matter what their condition, needs to observe proper skincare not only to look young and healthy, but also to feel confident, remain active, and face the world with vigor. If you suffer from a lifelong illness or an autoimmune disease, skincare becomes more important as part of your daily hygiene. Doing these things can improve your skin’s condition and also help you manage your illness.

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