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It’s no secret that work stresses people out. You fry your brain accomplishing piles of paperwork, use all your emotional energy to deal with office drama, and at the end of the day, sleep tired, finding no rest as you dream about work deadlines. What most people don’t understand, however, is the fact that it’s not just your mind that’s stressed out — your skin can also bear the brunt of work demands, which of course, adds to more anxiety.

The good news is, when you know how your job affects your skin health, you’ll be able to take steps to protect it. Learn here some of the subtle ways work can take a toll on skin:

You sit in an airconditioned room all day every day.

For sure, you know that ACs are notorious for making the skin dry. As it clears the air, lowers air humidity, and absorbs the moisture from your skin. As a result, your skin looks duller and feels less supple after sitting in the air-conditioned room for a good eight hours. Worse, acne starts popping up as the skin becomes irritated.

How to solve this: Spray some mist in your face to restore your skin’s normal water balance. Use a hand cream to prevent wrinkles. Apply it every three to four hours or after you wash hands. Of course, before putting on your make-up, wear your ever-reliable moisturizer. Use retinol gel or cream for your acne.

You squint your eyes on the computer.


Eye strain is never good on the skin. When you squint your eyes constantly while reading small print or staring at your computer screen for too long, you run the risk of having crow’s feet and other unsightly lines around the eyes.

How to solve this: Prevent eye strain by enlarging the font size of the documents you’re reading on your phone or laptop. Adjust the screen’s brightness according to your comfort level. Of course, there’s also the option of using computer reading glasses. These wearables have an anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and adjusts contrast for more comfortable viewing. If you do have developed crow’s feet and some wrinkles and would want to get rid of them fast, consider getting Botox Salt Lake City medical specialists provide.

You’re on your phone always.

Keeping in touch with clients and your boss means being on the phone every now and then. What most people don’t realize is that holding up their mobile against their face can mean skin problems. One of which is mobile-phone dermatitis. You could get rashes on the cheeks or ears when you spend so much time talking on a phone that contains nickel and chromium. You may also develop acne. Remember, phones are a hotbed for bacteria. Imagine that mixing with oils and dead skin cells — breakouts waiting to happen.

How to solve this: Avoid holding up your phone near your face. Go for a hands-free option when making or taking a call. Use a headset or a Bluetooth option. Disinfect your phone regularly with antibacterial wipes.

Is your job taking a toll on your skin? If you’ve been experiencing breakouts, dryness, and irritation, maybe it’s time to reconsider not only your nine-step skincare routine, but also your work habits. It may just be the relief your skin needs.

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