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Compounding medication is a concept in medicine which has been around for as long as medicine has been existent. But, however important compounding is, not many people are aware of its existence. They, therefore, remain unaware of the immense benefits that the practice has. With compounding medication, you can convert medication to one that is right for your specific needs. You also can customize its form of administration and composition. However, only a pharmacist who has had extensive training in this particular area of medical specialization can do this.

But why and when should you consider this type of medication? As a Brampton-based compounding pharmacy explains, below are several critical elements to consider:

When patients are intolerant to ingredients in certain medications

One-size-fits-all is never a rule, especially on matters medication. That is because each person reacts differently to a medication depending on many individual factors. So, the compounding pharmacist will get an available medication and customize it to suit your situation. This medication will aim at removing, reducing or neutralizing the effect of the ingredient that you are intolerant to.

When a certain medication from a primary manufacturer is no longer in supply

Major manufacturers often discontinue production of certain drugs due to various reasons. That would mean that the patients who depended on the particular medication will suddenly have to change to another one. This will not only psychologically affect the patient, but will also fail to meet the medicinal strengths of the former one. On this, a compounding pharmacist will constitute a medication that has the exact ingredients as the unavailable one.

When there is the need to increase or decrease a certain strength in a medication

There are instances where increasing or reducing strengths in medication is necessary. That is especially so in cases where a child may require adult medication which is not available for pediatric use. The compounding medication can be of a lower concentration to minimize possible side effects.

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When you need to change the flavor options

There are certain medications, especially for children, that, without sugaring or flavoring, your kids may not take them. Compounding pharmacists can add a taste of candy or cherry to eliminate any harsh tastes. They can do this without interfering with the functionality of the medicine.

When planning to change the delivery method of the medication

This element can be quite useful for children and seniors who may have a fear of needle pricking or who have a high possibility of choking. A compounding pharmacist can make alterations to how a patient consumes their medication. What typically you would administer using a needle can be in the form of a topical ointment, while pills can be in the form of suspensions.

To remove filler ingredients

Most commercially medications contain excipients like gluten. Such fillers may cause severe reactions to sensitive people. So, all you need here is to tell the compounding pharmacist the allergies that you have. They will then customize your medication to eliminate all fillers and any preservative that could be a trigger to your allergies.

With the right compounding pharmacy, you will find your experience with medicine gets better every time. You can keep having your conventional medicine, but have it in the form that you want it. That way, your well-being is surely guaranteed. Moreover, your child will not have to gag at nasty pills or suspensions anymore.

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