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At today’s world of gadgets, gaming, mobile devices, and technological advancements, more and more adults are finding more ways of not doing physical work, instead of moving, sweating, travelling, lifting to accomplish things. It is getting more difficulty for the body to burn wastes and circulate blood properly.

Activities tend to be so minimal, that the impact of vices and an unhealthy diet would mean twice as much impact. This has much impact to the most important organ, the heart.

For the longest time, heart diseases have been part, not less than, top 5 of the deadliest diseases in the world. In 2017, Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD), accounted for 31% of all deaths, globally. Among all the changes happening today, risk factors generally still are the same:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol in the body
  • Smoking
  • Obesity

These risk factors are easy to counter and fight for. While having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems a cliche, some of us may find it difficult to initiate within themselves.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle within yourself not only reduce the risk of a heart disease but also allows your body a chance to perform to the ever-changing demands of our society today.

Hearty regulars

bike ride Movement in our daily lives is an absolute necessity. A simple stroll around the park or a 15-minute bike ride would start the metabolic breakdown in the body. In assists in burning the high caloric in-take one may have had after one night of partying out with friends along with a big fat juicy hamburger and a bottle or two of a smooth beer. A burger normally has 295 calories in it, and it can easily accumulate in the arterial walls of your heart without regular daily exercise.

Study shows that after 30 minutes of brisk walking for people over 200 pounds they burn an average of 199 calories. It allows the body to sweat and a good amount of steam off released from your system, means:

  • Detox
  • Endorphin boost
  • Increase immune system
  • Low chances of kidney stones
  • Reduce caloric build up

Another form of activity would be jogging. While we associate jogging primarily just for weight loss, this is not only its core benefits. A good regular jog helps you normalize and sustain your body metabolism and keep it from being lazy. This allows your body to frequently keep up with our intake. Now this solution, should be accompanied with a good healthy diet to make it more effective. Your metabolism play an important role in your body and joggingkeeping it in check makes it accountable for maintaining your breathing, heart rate and a normal brain function.

Getting into the habit of jogging is never boring, you can do it while you’re babysitting, you can do it side by side with a pet labrador or you can do it by with your awesome self. Other importance of jogging are having impact in maintaining weight, repair of joints, respiratory functions and sustaining strength in your bones.

Here are some key things to remember while getting into the habit of jogging:

  1. Wear proper gears – dri-fit clothing and some thick socks matching with a good pair of runners are both comfortable and performance ready apparel.
  2. Hydration – replacing the lost electrolytes is essential for muscle and overall body recovery. Always keep a sports drink or your trusty water handy.
  3. Avoid salty foods before the exercise – salt increase water retention and it can also increase the risk of dehydration.
  4. Stretching – muscle fibers are needed to be prepared to compensate and to continue to support the activity.

A Mindful Activity

Our brain is a powerful entity in our body. It controls our basic functions that helps us live a normal life. But our strenuous everyday battle in the environment takes it toll not only to our physical health but also in our mental health.

It is often said that a healthy body requires a healthy mind, and this could have not been any more accurate. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland that is associated with stress. And society today produces a lot of this lately. From the household to the workplace, stress has never been more prevalent today. The control of stress seems a daunting task but one simple solution that can be turned into a habit is meditation.

meditationMeditating is great habit forming answer to the growing stress in one’s environment. Taking 5-10 minutes in the morning or a short break from the office desk, focusing on your mind, its state and your well-being promotes the increase of happy hormones in the body.

Meditation as a habit is great way of complimenting your physical wellness. A calm, calculating mind not only encourages control, but also takes away anxiety that can cause serious health issues. Results can be gotten in different forms.

  • For peace – noises that can be absorbed outside attacks our mental well-being. Pausing for a few minutes to slow things down, calms inner tremble and clears the mind.
  • Thoughts of being positive – having positive thoughts allow people to perform at a high level. Not only do athletes and billionaires practice this all the time, but the mind associates success to happiness which helps the production of endorphins
  • Getting more sleep – meditation teaches the body to relax, and aids in slowing down our heart rate to elicit healthy sleeping patterns

Here’s how to do it.

Find a place where you be comfortable and preferably, alone. A place where there is less amount of distraction. Allow your body to be in a relaxed position. Some does it supine positioned on the bed others, seated upright or buddhist style, cross-legged. The body must be able to be in a position to breathe in and breathe out air sufficiently.

Calmly get into a good rhythm of breathing before you close your eyes. Breathing and the comfortable position must be maintained at all times. Set a time that your can tolerate as you progress to longer consult of your inner being and wellness.

Usage of music and facilitation

Other practitioners incorporate rhythmic sounds that can be made to associate with one’s disposition when meditating. It helps calm a person’s senses and the sounds gets the breathing into a pattern.

Facilitated meditation is a associated with mindfulness. Getting the mind to follow strong messages translates to the body and resetting to reduce stress build up.

Strutting health

healthy living Managing our stressors starts within ourselves. Controlling how we eat, how we sleep, how our body and mind copes with our everyday activities is something we have to advocate. Promoting a healthy living allows you to prevent diseases. Our heart and mind plays a significant role in our daily lives and it doesn’t take a lot to maintain them. Choosing the right meals, allowing the muscles to strut and taking five minutes to stop and clear your mind goes a long way.

It is said that at least 51% of adults experience stress either at work or at home.

Improving your quality of life is priceless. Choosing to be healthy is something we owe to ourselves. The heart and mind can only take so much and it is our job to help them function at a high level.

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