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Are you new to the area of digital marketing? Have you only just heard about search engine optimisation and what it can do for your dental surgery?

If so, you may have some questions about this exceedingly effective and cost-efficient way of growing your dental surgery. And in this article, some of the common questions relating to dental SEO are answered.

Why is it important for expansion?

Your online dental surgery website is your calling card to attract more patients to your dental surgery, so you will want as many people to see what it is that you and your team have to offer and come to you for their orthodontic, general and cosmetic dental needs. SEO is important for ensuring that your dental surgery website gets to the top page of Google’s search engine results so that more people can see and click on it.

How do I boost my site SEO?

There are many ways to boost your website’s SEO. The first is to have a blog page that is updated at least once every seven days and loaded with information about what you can offer at your dental surgery following targeted keywords for that week. Another way to bolster your SEO is to ensure that the surgery page loads quickly and that it is mobile-optimised, which means it will work on a mobile phone or mobile device.

For more information on boosting your dental surgery websites, contact a marketing team that specialises in this area.

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I have heard about voice searches in SEO; what does this mean?

Voice searches are becoming a common feature of SEO, with more people having access to smartphones and using the term ‘hey Siri’ to search for things nearby. In order to stay ahead of the trend, your dental surgery website will need to be optimised to respond to these kinds of internet searches, as it now makes up 70 to 75% of all internet searches.

Does SEO need regular updating?

Yes, the SEO for your dental surgery webpage will need regular updating in accordance with both the Google algorithm and even the Facebook algorithm if you choose to have a page on this social media platform. If you fall behind with the algorithms, you may find that your dental surgery begins to rank lower in the search engine results, which will cause fewer people to be able to see your dental surgery webpage, thus leading to fewer conversions. So, all in all, you will have fewer patients seeing your webpage and engaging with it.

Can I do it myself?

Yes, you can attempt to optimise your website for search engines by yourself. But if you are looking to grow your dental surgery, this, like most things, is best left to professionals! It is wise to invest in a marketing team that specialises in managing dental surgery websites to ensure that you get the best results possible for your dental surgery’s webpage so that you can continue to expand and attract more patients.

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