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Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO is a system of digital techniques and strategies which need to be implemented on your dental website, so that you can rank highly on search results lists for dental practices in your area. It is very important to maintain a strong digital marketing campaign in this era, as most dental practices have modern websites and therefore, your website needs to be optimised so that it stands out from amongst the crowd. In this modern age everyone is busy. They have no time to look through lists of websites, so most people choose the first two or three websites on the results list to find what they are looking for. If they do not find the answers to what they are looking for within the first two or three websites then, rather than searching through the rest of the list, most people change their search terms.

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Keyword research

Search terms are very important in helping you and your website. If you can find out the search terms that people are entering into the Google search bar, then you can tailor your website accordingly and capture the attention of these users. You need to carry out keyword research and content marketing. Keyword research means finding out which dental search terms are most popular in your area. Once you know what the search terms are you can carry out content marketing, which means creating content specifically around these search terms knowing that people in the area are already interested in these topics. Most of the time these keywords may be the names of certain treatments or procedures or they could be certain dental issues. By speaking to a specialist digital dental marketing team you can ask them to create new content for you based around the search terms. You can share this on your website at regular intervals making sure that your website is updated and in keeping with current trends at all times. When Google recognises that your website is scattered with these keywords then they will push your position in the search results list, knowing that readers will be able to find the answers that they are searching for on your website. This boosts website traffic and gives you the chance to encourage website visitors to book an appointment to visit you in person, therefore promoting the success of your dental practice. This means that alongside dental SEO you also need dental CRO.

Dental CRO

Dental CRO is conversion rate optimisation. This means converting website visitors into actual patients at your practice. One of the most productive forms of CRO is optimising user experience on your website. Not only will this attract more patients but it will boost dental SEO at the same time. Speak to an award-winning, experienced digital dental marketing team who can put together or help maintain a fantastic dental website for you. This website should be optimised for Google and other search engines, and be created for each and every visitor that comes across your website. It should encourage them to think about their oral health, reflect on how they can improve their teeth and persuade them that yours is the dental practice to help them do so.

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