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One study reveals that you are more likely to gain weight if you sleep for less than five hours a night. Another study confirms what MD diet specialists in Orem have been saying for many years—that you must work for maintaining weight loss instead of losing weight quickly. What about losing belly fat? What do recent studies say about it, and what is the best advice experts could provide at this time?

Belly Fat Dissected

It’s quite obvious if you have excess belly fat. Yet, are you aware of what you’re actually dealing with? What you see and feel is the loose fat that accumulates under the skin and bulges out. That is subcutaneous fat, but there is more to belly fat than meets the eye. It’s difficult to get rid of belly fat because there are layers of it within the skeletal muscles and between your organs. Aside from subcutaneous fat, belly fat consists of intramuscular and visceral fat. These layers of fat deposited inside your belly are difficult to lose. 

Learn Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

Your belly bulge or beer gut won’t disappear even after you lather it regularly with creams that are supposed to melt fat. If you are advancing in age, your metabolic rate slows down, and that does not help your cause. You might be engaged in a workout program, but it won’t lessen the padding around your waist if the program is neither targeted nor appropriate. 

In order to lose belly fat, you must rethink your strategy and perhaps you should start over. A weight loss program that targets belly fat and improves overall health could give you the desired results. 

Smart Dieting

Belly fat won’t disappear even if you stop eating meat and fatty foods. You won’t lose weight effectively if you refrain from eating food rich in carbohydrates. These abrupt and extreme changes might upset the balance of your bodily systems and even result in health problems. The best way to approach dieting for weight loss is to eat a balanced and healthy diet. There is no need to refrain from eating fatty foods and carbohydrate-rich food. However, you have to make sure the daily caloric intake does not exceed caloric requirements based on your activities and lifestyle.

Beware of Simple Carbohydrates and Sugars

Complex carbohydrates are alright. Whole grains, beans, and vegetables release energy slowly and serve as fuel for cellular metabolism. You need complex carbohydrates to get through the day. What you don’t need is an excess of simple carbohydrates. They break down easily and give you a boost of energy. They break down into sugars, and they tend to keep you wanting for more. You tend to incur a caloric deficit if you insist on having simple carbohydrates, like white pasta and noodles, on a daily basis. 

Juices and sugary beverages are common sources of sugar. You can refuse sugary drinks altogether, and by doing so, you are decreasing your dependence on simple sugars. Replace sugary drinks with water and improve hydration in the process. If you like fruit juice, try blending or juicing. Including the pulp and fiber content of fruits is healthier. Sugar may be adding to your belly fat, but fiber helps remove it. 

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