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In years gone by, it was often rare that someone needed legal advice or representation.

In 2020, however, you will be lucky to be able to navigate each part of your life without needing some legal help along the way.

While it is great to live in a time when it is easy to seek legal advice on almost any matter, it can be somewhat confusing if you have never looked into it before; many people assume that everyone trained in the legal field knows absolutely every area of the law. Given how complicated the UK legal system is, no one person can be privy to that extensive amount of information!

Similar to doctors, solicitors are all specialised in different areas and so, when you need the help of one, it might be nice to have a brief knowledge of the different specialities that are available.

Here is a simplified rundown of some of the different types of legal representatives who practice law in the UK. Enjoy!


If you are looking to buy or sell your first home, or are simply looking to build your portfolio as a landlord, you will need the advice of conveyancing solicitors.

Experts at everything from writing contracts to helping you to apply for a mortgage, this group can really take the stress out of selling or buying any property.

Legal aid

Worried that it will be costly to hire solicitors?

Not to worry; there is now an affordable way for those who cannot seek private legal advice to be offered it, through Legal Aid representatives.

As everyone in the UK is entitled to the protection of the law, these representatives can be a godsend to many struggling families.


And of course, where would the law be without family-related professionals?

If you are beginning a divorce, need help with a prenuptial agreement or want to know more about your legal rights to see your children, legal representatives in this area can really help to fight your corner in court. They can also assist you with issues surrounding domestic abuse.


legal, handcuffs

If you have been accused of committing a criminal act, then you will need an expert who knows the criminal justice system of the UK inside and out.

Able to reduce any sentences that are handed out, and able to offer 24-hour support and free advice when you are arrested, criminal legal representatives can be invaluable.


When a loved one passes, it is never easy. And if they have a large estate or some discrepancies are surrounding their will, then you will need to seek the advice of a probate solicitor.

Personal injury

Whether you have sustained an injury at work, or out and about, or even if you get food poisoning in a restaurant, you are entitled to legal representation and potentially compensation.

Gathering information to support your claim, a personal injury specialist will work quickly to ensure that you are given the appropriate compensation.

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