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Running is more than an exercise. It’s an instrument through which you establish a better relationship with your body. For that relationship to thrive, you need to make sure that you’re doing the right things to maintain it. This means going beyond keeping a running schedule and eating healthy food.

If you plan to make running a lifelong commitment, you need a self-care routine that works for you. The most critical methods, though, are also the most often neglected. Make space for these three practices to maximize your running experience.

Visiting Experts

Seasoned runners know that injuries are inevitable, especially for first-timers. Bad practices or accidents can cause physical strains you might not have considered until you got them. Some of the most common are overuse injuries like runner’s knee and shin splints.

While you can remedy these through icing, stretching, and changing your exercise routine, it’s best to seek medical help now and then. This alerts you if some aches you experience are mild or if you already need treatment.

A chiropractor can fix the alignment of your body and help it return to its proper function. You might not think it’s necessary, but after years of running marathons in Salt Lake City, your body will house a lot of stress and tension. Regular visits to a chiropractor provide instant relief and can help prevent the worsening of injuries.



Running is as mental as it is physical. If you’ve been opposed to meditation because you’re not religious, don’t worry. Meditation doesn’t need any specific music, position, or ornaments for it to work, nor do you need to belong to any faith.

It has more to do with your focus. You can do this before you run to get in touch with your inner self. Focus on your breathing and ground yourself in the present. This promotes better awareness and can give you the mental space you need to run better.

You can also keep this up while running. Focus on one thing and avoid any mental dialogue that ruins the mood-boosting effect of this exercise. It might take a while to extend your focus past a minute or so but keep doing it. Meditation will improve your relationship with your body when you do it before, during, and after you run.

Learning Some More

Self-care shouldn’t only be on the surface. Running is an evolving practice, which means you have to keep up by educating yourself. With the numerous platforms for runners today, there’s no shortage of resources from which you can improve this practice.

Sign up for monthly online subscriptions of credible magazines. Listen to podcasts by runners and health professionals who give free tips. You can also join a local group and exchange ideas. Not only will this make running more fun, but it can also help you prevent injuries and get in better shape.

It’s through continual learning that you discover ways to improve your self-care routine. One method might work for you as a beginner, but not after you’ve been doing it for five years. Read on for happier running.

Committing to any routine can mean dragging your feet and talking yourself into it. Don’t sweat the problematic beginnings. What matters is that you’re invested in self-care and that you’re doing it right. You’ll reap the rewards soon enough.

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