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Like any problem, there isn’t a point in an obese person’s journey that they could not have prevented their weight gain. The hard reality simply is, you don’t just wake up one morning with a weight problem. Piling on the pounds is a gradual process that takes time, and quite possibly, years. Whether you’re genetically predisposed to gain more weight than the next person or not, it all boils down to the small decisions that you have to make every day, such as when you succumb to emotional eating or opt to jog every morning. 

Sounds harsh? Well, it’s high time for a wakeup call. According to recent statistics from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, there are over 93.3 million overweight Americans today. If you’re suffering from obesity or have been advised recently by your physician that you’re overweight, you should consider losing weight right about now. The health impact could expose you to heart disease and diabetes risks, but also, death from a heart attack or a massive stroke. Below are some medications that can support your weight-loss journey without any adverse effects to your health:


Phentermine is a popular weight-loss drug that has been around for a very long time. Many studies have been conducted and have proven the efficacy of phentermine on weight reduction, but it was only recently that it was proven safe for long-term use. This has been due to the fact that weight-loss drugs are generally deemed unsafe for when used for longer periods. Interestingly, a new study has shed some light on the matter. Formerly approved only for three-month use, phentermine has now been proven to be highly effective for sustained weight loss and weight maintenance. It also did not contribute any ill effects to patients’ health. 


Lorcaserin is a serotonin receptor that helps control one’s appetite by making takers feel full. In a recent study released by the New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that Lorcaserin is not at all harmful for long-term use, as opposed to what was previously assumed. Patients who took the drug for over three years lost nine pounds in the process without any problems. 

Lorcaserin was only prescribed for use to patients for an average of three months. Before the study, medical practitioners believed that the drug could increase patients’ risk of having heart problems when taken continuously for months. However, researchers found that the drug can be taken by dieters for years without experiencing any adverse side-effects. 

Taking weight loss supplements is only effective and safe when done under the supervision of a physician, nutritionist, and certified weight-loss consultant. Weight management centers in Provo, Utah, are equipped with the latest technologies and are staffed with experts to help you assess your current weight loss needs. They can advise you on whether you need to have some procedures done to manage your eating habits or opt for medication to curb your appetite. They also offer ancillary services that involve counseling and designing your nutrition plan. 

We’ve truly come a long way today as obesity sufferers are finally provided the right help and options they need to get their health sorted. Thanks to recent scientific discoveries, people are now more informed about how to safely lose weight with available weight-loss medications, minus the grave, long-term side-effects.

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