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It is important to have a strong digital marketing campaign and patient attraction system to help attract new patients to your dental practice. Digital marketing consists of creating a strong online presence so that when patients are searching for their dental needs online they are able to find you quickly and easily without being distracted by what your competitors have to offer.

Google My Business

There are many different techniques that you can employ to help attract new patients online. Firstly you need to make sure you have a complete and updated Google my business page for your dental practice. This includes uploading all your information onto the Internet for everyone to find. This begins with the name of your dental practice, your address, contact details, website, opening times and any other information which patients could be looking for. You can also include a short summary of your unique selling points and the treatments and procedures that you specialise in at your dental practice.

It is important that your Google My Business page is monitored on a regular basis to make sure that all details are correct and updated where necessary. If you have a Google my business page then each time a prospective patient searches for a dentist in your geographical location, your dental practice will be presented on a map list. This will show where you are located, how far you are from your patient and can include your telephone number or website link so that they can contact you immediately.


Dental Websites

Another essential component in your digital marketing campaign which is necessary to have a successful patient attraction system is a modern and bespoke dental website. Your Google my business page is a quick summary of your website. The website should include comprehensive and educational information with regards to all the treatments and procedures that are available at your dental practice. It should include plenty of interesting information with regards to the people on your team and how you are able to offer your patients fantastic customer service and excellent dental care. You also need to include pictures and videos of the dental practice itself to display all the technology that you have to offer and the luxurious surroundings in which the patients can enjoy the top-quality dental treatment.

Through your dental website, a patient is able to find out about the services that you are providing, why they are necessary and why these treatments should be carried out at your dental practice and not the other practices in your area. Your website should also give your patients opportunities to leave their contact details with you or sign up to a mailing list or even upload a selfie for a quick smile assessment to help encourage them to find out more and want to meet you in person to address their dental needs soon.

Speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team today and find out more about creating a strong patient attraction system using Google My Business and a top quality dental website to attract new patients to you.

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