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The food industry is now trying to satisfy customers whether its organic products, organic foods, or even health beverages. The big players know that they need to improve their products to keep up with the demands of an evolving market.

For tea lovers, there are now healthier options that are readily available in the market. Organic herbal tea is one of these and could be the right blend for those who want a healthier tea option. Here are the 2019 forecasts for those who want to know what the next tea trend will be for the year.

Ready-to-Drink Green Tea

Medical researchers have known for a long time that green tea contains more antioxidants than any other drink. These antioxidants are good for the human body and designing an instant ready to drink green tea will appeal to those who want to stay healthy but live busy lives. Market researchers have identified North America as one of the largest markets for ready-to-drink green tea.

Fruit and Vegetable Infusion Tea

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People are now more accepting of using tea infusions a viable health drink. An infusion uses flavors (such as dried tea leaves) to add them to hot liquid. Some companies have explored vegetable and fruit infusion in tea mixes. Many companies now use some of the fruits and vegetables as an infusion. These vegetable tea include tomato, rosehip, apple, onion, basil, cinnamon, and passionflower. These mixes are attractive options for vegetarians, vegans, and health fanatics.

Tea with Vitamins

Many people on diets often choose tea drinks infused with vitamin and nutrients. These teas are often marketed as enervating, calming, and soothing. Vitamin-infused tea could also be an excellent way to start a busy morning. For those vitamin-infused teas that have soothing and calming effects, people can take them after a long day at work.

Some companies are now trying to create a “power” tea which incorporates green tea, Vitamin C, turmeric, ginger, and lemon. In the United States, there is now a “support” green tea that includes turmeric and ginger.

Tea and Probiotics

Not all bacteria are bad for you. Probiotics use “good” live bacteria and yeast to keep the digestive system healthy. There are now teas that combine probiotics and the natural invigorating effects of tea which can aid digestion.

The tea industry has evolved but at the same time has changed people’s minds about how they think about tea. It was first seen as an energizing drink comparable to coffee, but unlike coffee, tea is now seen as a healthy drink that can rejuvenate one’s health. You should choose one that suits your health goals.

Being healthy and sustaining it for the rest of your life is a choice that everyone should make every day. One of the most critical decisions is food choices and beverage, but it can also be the most frustrating. The plethora of healthy beverages and drinks can confuse anyone, but now tea manufacturers are making sure to convert more tea lovers with these trends for the new year.

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