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Growing old is a natural process that comes as a blessing for some people but as an extreme bother for others. Indeed, old age can prevent you from doing things that you once found easy during your youth. However, there are ways to alleviate or even eliminate the difficulties accompanied by old age. Exercise coupled with a healthy diet can significantly improve your motor skills and overall ability to perform day-to-day activities. But what sort of exercise should you be doing? Where should you even start?

Start Stretching

If this is your first time starting a physical health routine, then stretching would be an ideal first activity. You will need to get your blood flowing and loosen up your limbs to wake them up before starting any strenuous activities. Start with your arms and work your way down to your feet.


Walking is a simple yet effective mode of exercise. It is not too physically demanding and is possible to do almost anywhere, making it an ideal activity for seniors. Start with 15 to 30 minute walks around your neighborhood. Mix in some arm stretches to get the blood flowing. Doing this activity twice a week can help improve your endurance and burn off unwanted calories.


Jogging is a bit more strenuous than walking and offers much of the same benefits. This activity is not necessarily better than walking but is ideal for those looking to burn off more calories and want more of a challenge for themselves. Just like with walking, you can start with 15 to 30-minute laps around your neighborhood. You can split these up into smaller intervals if you find it too tiring. It is also important to take breaks in-between or switch to walking if you start to feel overwhelmed.


Cycling is a very effective way to strengthen your leg muscles and keep them fit. Most seniors complain about the weakness they feel in their knees as they grow older. Through cycling, you can eliminate this weakness and make your legs feel better than ever. Start by planning out a route that you want to take. Afterward, get on your bike and start cycling your way through your planned route. It’s perfectly okay to cut the route short if you’re still getting used to the activity. Slowly work your way up until you can complete the route.



Swimming is a fun and healthy activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Seniors, in particular, can have a fantastic time doing this activity with others. You don’t have to start doing laps around the pool just yet, though. You can start by walking in waist-deep water while doing hand and leg exercises. Doing this can help significantly with keeping your joints healthy. Additionally, you can keep yourself cool and refreshed while you’re in the water.

All of these exercises are appropriate choices for seniors. These activities are simple to do and do not take a heavy toll on the body. Leg strength is also a key focus of these activities and aims to improve motor skills. However, your healthier lifestyle is not limited to doing exercises. You must also be aware of what you eat.

Figuring Out the Right Diet

A diet for seniors consists mostly of healthy and easy-to-digest meals. Pick and choose according to your preference, but make sure it follows the criteria of a nutritious meal for seniors. Avoid deep-fried food smothered in grease. Instead, go for greens and fruits. Make a routine out of it to make it easier for you to follow.

Consult Your Doctor

If you are unsure if your current medical condition can handle the mentioned exercises and diets, it would be best to consult your doctor. Doctors can give great insight into what sort of physical activities you can and cannot handle based on your current medical record. They can also craft a more specific diet for your body’s nutritional needs. If you have an on-going medical condition, your doctor can advise you on whether you can engage in exercise or not.

Getting into a healthier lifestyle is not limited to doing exercise and other physical activities. In some cases, a healthier lifestyle is achievable even when you’re stuck in bed. Acquiring the services of a home care agency can help you in this regard.

Old age can certainly be a cruel process, but only if you allow it to be. Even at an advanced age, you can start doing the mentioned activities to turn your old years into the best years of your life.

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