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When a relationship comes to an end it can be extremely upsetting and stressful. Dealing with it on your own can sometimes seem impossible, but speaking to divorce solicitor in Weybridge could dramatically reduce your stress and help you understand anything that you are currently struggling with. They will be able to answer questions that you have to the best of their ability, represent you in court if necessary and help you with correspondence and paperwork. How long your divorce will take in total will depend on your individual circumstances, and any agreements to do with child care and other issues will need to be resolved separately to the legal ending of your marriage. If you are worried about how much your separation will cost then speak to your lawyer, they will be able to provide you with estimated fees and explain these further to you.

Being organised is key

Going through a separation can be extremely daunting, and speaking to a lawyer for the first time can often leave people feeling extremely nervous. It is a good idea to prepare a list of questions to take with you or to have by you whilst you are on the phone to prompt you if you get stuck or forget anything, as sometimes it can be a lot of information for someone to take in. It is vitally important to alway be honest with your lawyer so they can help you achieve the results you desire to the best of their abilities. Withholding information or lying about your previous partner’s behaviour will only complicate and lengthen the process of reaching an agreement. You need to expect to be asked lots of personal questions about your previous relationship, such as if you have children, how long you have been married and what your financial situation is amongst other things. This is so your lawyer can build up a case for you and have the highest chances of obtaining the results that you desire.

divorcing couple talking to a lawyer

Advice on a whole range of potential issues

Every separation is unique, and the people experiencing them will all have their own unique worries and concerns that they need advice on. There are a multitude of things that can be worrying when going through a separation, but more often than not children are the top priority, as it is vital that they remain as undisturbed as possible when it comes to their everyday life and routine. Ideally, wherever possible, children will maintain regular contact with both parents and grandparents. In some cases people will not have children, but could be as equally worried about other things such as who will get to keep the family pet with them, or if they will be able to find somewhere else to live. Sometimes people who are separating may have concerns about whether they will need to attend court, but this is not always a necessity as in some cases mediation will be able to help you resolve your issues and in circumstances you may be able to reach an agreement without any further assistance being needed.

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