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Being born with teeth that are crooked, crowded or generally misaligned is no longer a reason to be self-conscious when a person wants to smile. Modern technology and dental science have provided more than the smartphone, social media, online gaming and personal computers. Dentists today have a number of amazing tools at their disposal to correct any number of dental problems. A modern, forward thinking dentist Bondi Junction can give patients a smile to be proud of despite tooth misalignment. Treatment does not end there and helping patients maintain that smile is what makes today’s dentist vitally important to long-term dental health.

Not a short term relationship

Nowadays a dentist has to be more than just someone who does fillings and removes decaying teeth. Promoting preventive dentistry is a vital part of dentistry and getting parents to bring their children into surgery as soon as when they are one year old is part of that proactive form of dentistry. Welcoming new patients is a team effort in which front of surgery staff as well as dentists must all pull together. Building confidence is what a dental team is trying to achieve as a patient who has confidence in the dental practice is a patient who will not be apprehensive. The dentist should be candid when discussing oral hygiene and dental treatment. This will help a patient to adopt the recommendations made by the dentist and practice the correct oral hygiene regime.

A full range of treatments with a little extra

As part of general dentistry root canal treatment, thorough cleaning, oral cancer screening as well as cosmetic assessments should all be standard procedures. The basic treatments of crowns, bridges, porcelain and composite veneers are regularly performed in surgeries. Home teeth whitening has become common, but often this is not done correctly or with the right solution. Understanding what is causing teeth to be stained is important and determines which is the right treatment to be used. Unfortunately patients do not have the knowledge nor the expertise which results in some accidents. It is far better to have teeth whitened at a dental surgery to ensure that the treatment corresponds to the condition.

dental procedure

More complex procedures

Braces and aligners have also made such dramatic advances that the traditional metal braces, wires and bands have been modernised and are no longer the devices  that used to be seen on children’s teeth. The latest clear aligners have become a popular method of straightening teeth among adults because they are made from a dental material that is less conspicuous. Replacement of missing teeth by dental implantation has become a procedure of choice because implants are more permanent and stable. Even though the process requires drilling into the jaw the result is more attractive than wearing dentures and far more comfortable in the long run.

Smiles all round

The desire to send images to friends and family around the world has meant that dentistry has had to be more innovative and it certainly has come to the party. Now patients can enjoy the results of all those advances and show off their confident and radiant smiles.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from  an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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