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Many people choose Invisalign to help them get an amazing smile, but the benefits do not end there.  Having this treatment in order to straighten the teeth can help a person to develop new, much healthier habits that can last a lifetime with a little effort.  This guide explains what is involved in having this type of braces, as well as exploring how Invisalign cost London can be worth every penny as it can give the patient the impetus to change their lifestyle in ways that benefit their health and happiness.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name for a particular invisible or clear brace, and it is the ultimate modern solution to teeth straightening.  It features clear plastic trays similar to a retainer that are worn over the teeth to help move them into a better position.  The trays are often referred to as aligners and are changed every week or two until the treatment is complete.

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Help to stop smoking

It is recommended to all patients that they stop smoking before getting clear aligners.  There is a lot of help available with this today, with many people finding that the right nicotine replacement therapy is what helps them to make the change.  There are also books on how to stop, that help to change the mindset regarding smoking, making it unappealing and something that no longer provides any pleasure.

If the patient is unable to stop smoking before starting treatment with Invisalign, then they will be advised to limit their habit to a small window each day when the braces are removed.  This is because nicotine can stain the braces, rendering them no longer invisible, which would mean that the patient would not benefit from the discreet nature of this type of brace.

The result then is that whether the patient is able to abstain from smoking completely, or they keep it to a pared back minimum, their health will benefit.  Developing these habits during the period of wearing the braces means that they are easier to maintain once treatment is complete.  This means that Invisalign cost can be very much justifiable from both a health and financial perspective.

Drinking habits

It is important that Invisalign patients drink only water whilst wearing the braces.  They may consume other beverages such as juice, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, alcoholic drinks and so on during mealtimes when the braces have been removed.  This means that the braces remain invisible, and the oral health is protected during treatment.

Many people are not in the habit of consuming water as their main beverage.  It is most beneficial for oral and general health.  Getting into a routine of doing this due to wearing braces can become a lasting habit, which means that the patient is likely to have healthier teeth and be better hydrated in general.  Being well hydrated improves all parts of the body, from the skin (ideal for anti-ageing) to brain function (better cognitive skills).

Drinking more water can also be helpful for anyone who is trying to lose weight.  Many people mistake thirst for hunger and end up reaching for a snack when they are dehydrated.  Developing the habit of drinking lots of water as a necessity during Invisalign treatment can help make healthier choices much easier, and they can be more sustainable too.

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