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Teenage years are a time when great contradictions happen to your body, mind, and even emotions. For one, you’re most likely struggling to fit in with the rest of your peers and try to do what they do or aspire to be what they are.

However, it’s also the time when you find yourself constantly changing and, because of that, you also realize that you’re different from everybody else. How do you even cope when you’re faced with such a dilemma?

Here are some useful tidbits of self-reflective advice for you to chew on as you go through your teenage years.

1. Accept your flaws.

Possibly one of the hardest ideas to understand while you’re growing up is how you’re not perfect, or at least how you’re not as good as you first think you are. But you have to take it in at some point, or you’ll always be dissatisfied in life when you become an adult.

If it makes you feel any better, you can keep in mind that everybody has their weaknesses. Even your teeth may not be perfect, but that’s what a pediatric dentist in Herriman is for, and the office is always ready to help turn them into something beautiful.

2. Focus on your strengths.

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Of course, if you have weaknesses, then you must have strengths. These are traits, skills, and talents that are not there just to make up for your flaws but are also there to be accentuated by them. So what if your bodily build isn’t as cool-looking or your appearance is plain, but you’re smart, artistic, and maybe kind?

What you don’t have doesn’t matter much, as long as you recognize and use what you do have for good. You might even have one of the nicest smiles, and going to the dentist for regular checkups will help make that look even better as well.

3. Step up your game.

Now that you know your strengths and your weaknesses so far, it’s time for you to go out there to discover what else you have cut out for you. Maybe you could study and train to make what you’re good at even better. You could also try out new activities and experiences and see how it works out for you.

Don’t settle with what’s comfortable, because that won’t get you anywhere. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the adults for assistance when it comes to finding out more about yourself. They’re supposed to be there to help guide you in your life journey.

Learning to appreciate what you are and what you have and making the most of it is probably one of the lessons that a lot of teenagers like you fail at. However, you should take note that this failure is not a game over for you.

Rather, it’s a chance for you to try again and get closer to growing up a little more. Every little detail that you learn about will give you a better picture of what you could be in the future. You’ll be thankful for it when you finally become an adult, so do your best and don’t give up.

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