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When people lose someone in their lives, they often spend a lot of time contemplating things that they could have done before their loved one passed away. Seeing someone that you care about go through grief is difficult. While recommending them to hospice care services in Indiana can help, there are more ways you can support them during these trying times.

While there’s no exact formula on how to support them, there are many ways to show them that you care. Here are a few ground rules to help a loved one who is grieving.

Don’t stop them from crying

Crying is their way to release all the tension that they have inside. Although you may mean well when you tell them to stop crying, it will only appear as if you’re shutting them down. It’s acceptable to be silent when they start to sob. It’s also advisable to give them a reassuring, gentle touch to make them feel your presence.

Tears are an ideal way to release the stress hormones in the body. However, it’s also acceptable if someone doesn’t cry. Each one has his or her own way to grieve.

Don’t attempt to “fix” them

You can’t fix your friend’s loss. The emotions that they’re feeling can’t be made better, too. All you need to do is to stay at their side while they’re grieving. Saying that they are in a “better place” won’t help, too. These are only generalized trivialities that can only seem vague and pointless to someone who just experienced loss.

It’s best to stick with the truth and be there for them. It will make them feel better if you let them get everything out without trying to take their pain away.

Grief lasts longer than you might expect

Consciously veering away from the topic is also not a good idea, unless your loved one told you to do this. People who are grieving can find it difficult to concentrate, especially when they’re having a conversation.

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If you’re unsure if he or she wants to talk about the deceased, you can try to open about the topic by asking them how they feel about the person. Bear in mind that they just lost someone that they love. So, it’s normal for them to remember the memories that they had with them.

Ask if they need help

It will be difficult for them to focus on their everyday tasks during the first few days and weeks of their loss. They’ll even find it difficult to do even the mundane tasks on their own. So, ask if they need any help. You can ask if they want to grab a bite or also deal with the forms.

Losing someone is never easy. So, try your best to show your love in any way that you can. Show up and be with them. Say something to make them feel that you’re there. Be there with them during the times that they need you without turning away. Be there and be a friend to them.

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