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Senior home healthcare services in Utah cost an average of $23 per hour based on figures from the previous year. While home health care is largely similar to home care services, there is a slight difference.

Home care service providers generally help with simple tasks every day, which include doing household chores for the patient and running errands for them. It is not also unusual for them to assist the patient when taking a bath or changing clothes. Home healthcare service providers also do these tasks, although they are medically trained to provide a higher level of assistance, such as routine checks on their patient’s vital statistics.

Health Care Financing Options

If you are qualified for Medicaid assistance, the state pays for some in-home personal care services. You should check the Utah State Plan Medicaid Personal Care Services program for the qualifications. The usual services provided under the program include bathing and grooming assistance, meal preparation and medication management.

The state has covered up to 60 hours of assistance each month as of 2018. It is not unlikely to change soon, but you should still check for your eligibility. Those who are qualified may also choose their own caregiver, which are usually their family members or relatives.

Qualifications for Medicaid Assistance

Doctor on her desk with a laptopLow-income residents in Utah are eligible for Medicaid assistance. Based on last year’s numbers, your annual income should not be more than $12,140. Your financial assets should also not exceed $2,000. The value of your house will be exempted if it costs below $572,000. A car and home furniture are not considered part of the limit on assets.

In case your income surpasses the threshold, you could still be qualified for Medicaid through specific programs. The Medically Needy initiative is an example, which requires any excess income over the limit to be spent on medical expenses. Patients will then be eligible once your annual salary meets the requirement, minus the excess amount spent on medical bills.

Increasing Need for Senior Health Care

The cost of health care for senior citizens would grow twice their current rate by next year, primarily because of the increasing demand for services and a larger population of retirees. Around 10,000 people retire each day in the U.S. If you are still thinking about spending on in-home care in the future, it is better to consult with a service provider that offers more than just home health care services.

Those who are in their mid-50s should also consider updating their life and health insurance policies since the cost might be much more expensive in 2035. By that time, there would be more people who are above 65 years old, which means a higher demand for health care.

If Medicaid is not enough to cover the expenses for your home care needs, then paying for a third-party service seems the alternative option. When choosing among different health care providers in Salt Lake City, you should ask for rates from at least three companies to reach an informed decision.

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