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Less back pain and decreased stress on joints are not the only benefits on proper posture. Sitting upright, according to studies, can help kick negative mood and even improve self-esteem. Better postures, in general, are also associated with reinforced confidence, which is beneficial in helping you feel better about yourself.

Good posture when standing means keeping your back straight and your head facing forward, with your weight equally balanced on both feet. Correct posture when sitting also involves keeping your back straight and both of your feet flat on the floor. There is also benefit to being aware of your posture and the proper posture, as it can lead to a conscious correction.

Chiropractors in Holladay, Utah share why and how proper posture can help improve mood, energy, and confidence:

Reduce anxiety

Proper posture can help open your airways and improve blood circulation. This can also enhance your breathing and cognition, as enables your body and nervous system to take in more oxygen. This is beneficial in melting stress and anxiety away.

This is not the same with slouched position, which does not make full use capacity of the lungs and results in chest compression (or shallow breathing in stressful moments).

Conjure positive thoughts

Apart from giving you more energy, correct posture also increases the likelihood of positive thinking. In fact, according to an experiment, sitting up straight makes it easier to conjure positive thoughts and memories. Proper posture, furthermore, signals the brain that you are in charge of your thinking and are ready to get things done. This helps you concentrate more, which then increases productivity.

Boost energy

Woman raising her arms openMaintaining the right posture, especially while working, can help boost your energy and stamina. This is because it keeps the bones and joints proper alignment so that your muscles won’t have to work harder and your body will have less fatigue. This can then help you avoid afternoon slump, as well as improve low energy and feelings associated with slouching.

Appear more confident

Standing or sitting up straight tell the brains that you are in control of your ideas and actions, allowing you to make more confident decisions. Your posture, moreover, can affect others’ perception or first impression of you. Slouching during a job interview, for instance, indicates not just lack of self-confidence, but also lack of respect for the interviewer.

Get help

Slouching does more than hurt your bones and joint; it can also affect your thinking and cause you to concentrate more on negative thoughts. If you believe that there is something wrong with your posture or constantly experience back and joint pains, seeing a chiropractor is worth considering. This is to help you maintain good posture and get a recommendation for postural muscles exercises.

Keep in mind, however, that long-standing postural issues will require longer treatment than momentary problems. This is mainly because the bones and joints have been accustomed to slouching or poor posture. Chiropractic treatment can help you maintain a healthy body position, not just to reduce pain but also the risks of injury.

Don’t let bad posture ruin your mood and harm your health. Get in touch with a chiropractor today to get help with posture correction and maintaining overall wellness.

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