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When it comes to researching procedures online, it can be tough to separate the facts from the fiction.

And as so few people are overly eager to research dental procedures in general, this makes it easier to fall prey to one of the many mistruths that are being spread about dental treatment.

So when it comes to researching whether or not a procedure like oral implants is right for you, you can be forgiven for assuming that this process is uncomfortable or leads to long-term consequences.

Of course, these statements aren’t true; a dental implant in Melbourne can change both your smile and your oral functionality drastically, helping you to feel happy when you smile as opposed to feeling embarrassed. Fitted to your jaw, they do not move and are suited for almost everyone over the age of 18.

But what are some of the most common myths you may have read about oral implants and what is the truth behind them? Read on to find out!

They make your breath bad

A dental implant from Melbourne will only make your breath smell bad if there is an infection and assuming your implant was fitted and cared for correctly, this is statistically unlikely.

In short, once you have had a dental implant near Melbourne fitted, there should be no foul taste or odour, and if there is, contact your dentist for an emergency appointment.

They hurt

OK, so it is easy to see why people think having an oral implant fitted would hurt but the reality is that once the numbing agent wears off, the sensation should be no worse than that of an oral extraction.

Similar to the foul taste and odour, if there are excessive levels of discomfort following the fitting, you will need to see your dentist for an assessment.

dentist with patient

They will get infected

While every dentist who fits implants will take care to prevent infections, they can and do sometimes occur.

However, an infection caused by an oral implant is exceedingly rare but if you notice unusual swelling, redness, blue discolouration of the gums, discomfort, fever or nausea, you may have an infection and require urgent medical attention. Fortunately, even if an infection does occur and is caught quickly, in the long-term you should not lose your implant.

They look fake

This is a strange myth; considering that oral implants and the prosthetic teeth which are attached to them are matched to your surrounding natural teeth, there should be no visual cues that they are fake.

To prevent the chance of this occurring, talk to the dentist who will be working on your implants and make sure that at each step of the process, you are happy with how your new teeth look.

They are purely cosmetic

No, oral implants are cosmetic but they also have a wide range of functional purposes. They promote jawbone growth, improve bite strength and chewing ability, meaning you are less likely to suffer from conditions like acid reflux or heartburn.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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