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There are many reasons why avoiding the dentist has become a national habit. Often, it’s an idea of what might happen, including invasive treatments that involve lots of metal. The same ideas perpetuate around braces, with many people believing they are big, clunky, pieces of metal that spoil smiles. The truth is that dentistry has moved on in the last 20 years, so much so that our beliefs need a realignment. New technology such as 3D-imaging and 3D-printing are now being used in dentistry.Hand-held imaging apparatus provides pin point accuracy and detailed data for dentists to utilise, creating subtler, less invasive procedures and treatments. One such treatment is Invisalign. In Sydney CBD, braces have become invisible.

A case of disappearing aligners and straighter teeth

The ideal smile is all about white, perfectly aligned teeth. It’s a beauty standard that’s available to everyone, thanks to cosmetic dentistry. If teeth are misaligned or crooked, braces are the obvious solution; however, it’s a balancing act between wanting straighter teeth but not wanting a solution that initially draws more attention to it. Of course, this then leads to avoiding the issue, so the veil is never lifted on a great new solution. Clear bracesnow offer a great solution,as many devicesarealmost invisible and very comfortable to wear. One of these styles is Invisalign. In Sydney CBD, dentists such as Spa Dental Sydney, are able to offer this brilliant solution, providing subtle treatments that give real results.

Step by step, moving closer to each other

The treatment involves a series of neat, clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth like a tooth guard. Each tray in the series has a small incremental change to its predecessor, so that, over time, they gently guide teeth into a new position. During initial examination, 3D-imaging is used to map a pinpoint accurate map of the entire mouth. In partnership with Invisalign developers, a treatment plan is tracked spanning around 18 months. The aligners then arrive, leaving the patient to work their way  through the series of aligners, wearing each one for about 10 days before replacing it with the next. Invisalign in Sydney CBD provides a subtle, non-invasive solution to teeth realignment.

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