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When you go to your dentist to have your teeth straightened as an adult, it is likely that you are looking for a solution that will straighten any misalignments you have, without impacting on your looks.

Of course, in the world of adult orthodontics, this is the ideal solution; nobody wants to be saddled with a mouth full of metal that they don’t need and so, why shouldn’t you ask your dentist to treat your excess spacing or protrusions with a clear or invisible brace?

You may have guessed it already, but just like orthodontics for children, it is not that simple.

There are many options that may be suited to you that are somewhere between traditional metal braces and Invisalign in Glasgow, that may be better equipped to correcting your misalignment and, as your dentist is the professional, they are expertly trained to choose the best solution.

Also, before you decide that Invisalign near Glasgow is the only option for you, here are a few things your dentist wants you to know about this invisible brace.

Invisible and regular costs

OK, so it goes without saying that undertaking any orthodontic option as an adult is probably going to be pricey.

However, many people have been told that either invisible or orthodontic braces are more expensive than the other and so, when they approach their dentist, they have a bias in favour of the cheaper option.

But, this is simply not true; both Invisalign near Glasgow and regular orthodontic braces work out at about the same price across all adult patients, so it is wiser to go with the option your dentist recommends.

There are other clear braces

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Invisible braces are not the only brace out there; there are many brands of clear brace and aligner that may be more suited to straighten your teeth.

Indeed, depending on your dentist and your clinical presentation, they may recommend the Inman aligner or Six Month Smiles. Both of these brands (and others) can straighten your teeth in record time without impacting your looks, so keep an open mind!

Braces have changed

If you need fitted braces, don’t panic!

As odd as it may seem compared to 20 years ago, there is now a brand of brace known as a lingual brace that is fitted to your teeth, but is practically invisible.

How? They are attached to the back of your teeth, meaning that when you smile, no one can see them!

Time is a factor

While invisible braces tend to work quicker, you have to be more disciplined!

You will need to wear the aligner for 22 hours a day to achieve results and, if you fail to do so, the treatment will become longer. If you can tough it out for a bit more time, orthodontic braces may be more suitable.

You may need stepped treatment

Invisible braces may be one of the aligners that you wear during your orthodontic treatment, and your dentist may use different braces periodically to correct your misalignment. It really depends on the complexity of your dental presentation.

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