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Summer is the best time to spend your days outdoors. However, it’s also the same time when people tend to develop those awkward sunburns because of the scorching heat. If you’re not putting enough sunscreen every time you go outside, then there’s a chance that you’ll get sun damage in a few areas in your body; and if you’re not careful, it could develop into a melanoma. Doctors in Provo, Utah explain that this stage requires skin cancer treatment  for anyone, young or old. Some areas in a person’s body are more prone to sun damage than the rest. To help protect yourself from the effects of the sun, here are a few of the most common body parts that are prone to sun damage.

Scalp and hair

Most people believe that our hair and scalp don’t get any damages from the sun. However, it’s a myth that can put someone in danger. No matter how long your locks are or even if you’re completely bald, you need to make sure that your hair and scalp get the protection they need from the sun’s UV rays. UV rays can turn the hair frayed and prone to damages. Excessive exposure to the sun’s rays can also dry your hair and scalp, making you susceptible to skin cancer. Fortunately, you don’t have to apply sunscreen directly to your hair. Several hair products in the market can provide you with the right level of SPF to protect your scalp and hair.

Chest and shoulders

People often put so many products on their face that they often forget and fail to apply the right amount of protection to their chest and shoulders. However, the skin on your chest and shoulders is the same as your face. So, constant sun exposure can thin your skin out, making you prone to sun damage. That’s why it’s always best to apply the right amount of sunscreen on your entire body for additional protection.

The back of the neck

It’s easy to forget the back of your neck, especially if your hair covers it most of the time. However, your hair isn’t enough to shield it from the sun’s heat. Most skin cancers often occur in the head and neck. Neglecting to use sunscreen in this area only increases the risk of damaging your skin, especially if you have burns on your back.


Woman in the beach enjoying the sun with sand on her skin

Some people may not be aware of it, but any skin that doesn’t get exposed to the sun’s heat is extra prone to sun damage, and that includes your armpits. So, before you apply antiperspirant or deodorant, you need to give your skin ample time to absorb it. Also, make sure to reapply it multiple times in a day to protect your skin from any burns.

These are only a few parts of your body that are prone to sun damage. Shielding them from sun damage can help protect you against the harmful effects of the sun. If you feel something different in your body after years of constant exposure from the sun, then it’s best to reach out to your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis. Certain procedures and products ranging from sunscreens to a proper skin cancer treatment are always available to address your condition.

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