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Our bodies are like machines. We put them to work every day, and this daily grind can be a physical grind, too. Even if we don’t necessarily have physically demanding professions, we perform the same series of activities over and over again, which can take a toll on our bodies.

Like any machine that’s put to work on a daily basis, we encounter the occasional engine breakdown—a body pain that needs to go away. As with any stuck engine, our bodies need maintenance and repair, depending on the issue.


It’s kind of ironic that sleep could cause body pains. After all, sleep is our body’s way of recuperating and healing, so why would such a restorative process create more problems?

The answer lies in the quality of your sleep. First of all, do you fall asleep by scrolling through your phone? Propping up your phone for an extended period can cause your arms to ache. Also, check your sleeping position to see if it’s causing back or neck pains. Having the right pillow and mattress is also important. The ideal firmness or softness of your bed depends on what your normal sleeping position is.

Lastly, if you’ve been waking up with headaches, then maybe you’ve been oversleeping. Sufficient sleep is essential, but excessive sleep can also be detrimental to your health.

As with any ailment, if problems and pains persist, it would be good to visit a sleep doctor to get a better and more accurate assessment of why sleeping has been causing you so much pain.

Working In

It’s no secret that our jobs can cause body pains. Even if we don’t necessarily exert that much physical effort in our work—even if all we do throughout the day is type on our computers—we can still develop certain body pains because of repetitive movements.

Apart from back pains from bad posture, it’s possible to develop carpal tunnel syndrome on your wrist. Certain health conditions can cause this, but repetitive movements also cause it; there’s nothing more repetitive on the wrist than clicking your mouse and typing on your keyboard all day.

It’s for this reason that office ergonomics experts recommend an ideal workspace setup, right down to the height of your chair and the angle of your line of sight. This kind of setup minimizes strain on your body. Experts also recommend taking regular 5- to 10-minute breaks by getting up to stretch or walking around.

body pain

Working Out

Like sleep, regular workouts are essential to our health, but they can also cause injuries through accidents or incorrect movements. From pulling our muscles to getting sprains, workouts are daily activities that need to be done right.

To avoid getting these workout injuries, make sure to warm up first before your workout and cool down after your routines. Warming up by jogging or doing jumping jacks for a few minutes will gradually get your heart rate up and loosen your muscles.

The operative word here is “gradual,” which is how you should approach your work regimen in general. Don’t push yourself too hard, especially on the first couple of days. It’s also good to mix up your routine to avoid injury to specific muscles.

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Life Outside

We may all be raring to go outside, but we must proceed with caution, of course. Stepping outside the house exposes us to so many wonderful things but also to potential accidents and dangers.

Accidents, such as tripping on a crack in the pavement, don’t just hurt your ego; they can hurt you physically, too. Especially if you’re the clumsy type of person who often bumps into things, the outside world can mean more hits and trips.

When commuting to work, always take care, whether you’re a pedestrian, a biker, or a driver. Car accidents are always a threat, and even if you survive one with a minor bruise, it’s important to check with a doctor to get a full assessment of your injuries. You might want to visit a chiropractor after a car accident if you’re experiencing persistent back or neck pains.

The goal of this article isn’t to get you to worry and be paranoid all the time. That’s not a way to live. The important thing is that you are made aware of these threats and dangers. First, it ensures that you are able to avoid them. Second, you are able to go about your daily activities freely and happily. After all, the best way to enjoy everyday life is to do so without much pain.

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