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Thinning hair can range from minor to moderate. It’s not the same as going bald because there’s no widespread hair loss. The problem with thinning hair is that some spots of hair will appear thinner than some.

Thinning hair may lead to hair loss (alopecia) but the two isn’t the same. It can happen over time so researching for possible causes is helpful. There are also ways to remedy it, like using Hairmax Advanced 7, a lasercomb that’s used to address thinning hair and prevent hair loss.

Causes of Thinning Hair

The normal hair per day a person can lose is between 50 to 100. If it exceeds that then there can be a problem. The frequency of hair treatments that someone undergoes can affect the hair.

These treatments include hair colourants, relaxers, perms, and more. Other products that can harm the hair are hairsprays and gels. Even non-permanent hair colours can damage the hair.

Putting on a tight ponytail or any kind of updo can damage the hair. It can damage the hair by tugging which causes follicles to break. Because of this, the thin spots surface.

Thinning hair is also caused by iron deficiency as well as lack of folic acid, and other minerals in the body. The body needs this to produce healthy follicles. Getting stressed out a lot also contributes to thinning hair.

Other Causes of Thinning Hair

  • Gave birth recently
  • Stopped the use of birth control pills
  • Experiencing hormonal changes
  • The sudden drop in weight (20 pounds or more)
  • Have an autoimmune disease
  • Have existing immunity conditions
  • Have a skin condition or infection
  • Have an eating disorder
  • Hair pulling
  • High fever

What to do with thinning hair?

Man applying oil to his hair

There are several things that a person with thinning hair can do. This list talks about the 12 possible options to try when the hair is thinning. Taking supplements must have a go signal from attending physician first.

Essential Oil

Some plants and herbs have positive medicinal benefits for thinning hair. The extracts become oils and there are reports that they’re effective. Lavender oil, thyme oil, and rosemary oil are three of the herbs that are effective.

Hair Thinning Shampoo

This shampoo gives volume to hair; added volume means thicker-looking hair. What’s great about this shampoo is that it contains amino acids and vitamins. These nutrients stimulate hair growth. There are stronger versions of this shampoo that need a prescription from a physician.

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is easy to do and it doesn’t cost a penny. The upside is that it has no side effects and someone who has thinning hair can do it at home. A scalp massage encourages the blood flow of the scalp and promotes hair growth.


Thinning hair can be the result of poor health. Taking multi-vitamins can generate hair growth because the body is strong enough to do its functions. Blood tests will tell if there are deficiencies that cause thinning hair.

Hairmax Advanced 7

This product is a laser comb that targets thinning hair. It’s a growth laser device. It’s portable and lightweight that travellers can bring with them. This product works by sending out ‘therapeutic light energy’ to the hair follicles. The product makes use 7 medical-grade lasers to address thinning hair.

Final Thoughts

Thinning hair can affect people of different ages. Hair is one’s crowning glory after all, so taking care of it should be a priority. If there’s thinning hair, proper measures should take place.

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