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A good digital dental marketing team will advise that one of the best ways to create excellent dental websites is to address the 7Ps of dental marketing. This helps ensure that a website addresses all aspects of the practice, so that once a visitor is directed to your website they are encouraged to stay on your page, explore the content that you have to offer, find what they are looking for and consider giving you a call to book an appointment and visit you in person very soon.

The profile of your practice

The 7Ps of dental marketing for good dental websites begin with the profile of the dental practice. This includes the name and brand of your business and your unique selling points, which when combined tell your patients what you are all about. This information can be put together on an attractive homepage. It is important that this homepage draws in the attention of your reader and encourages them to click within the first 5 seconds to explore the rest of your website.

The people and the premises of your dental practice

The next Ps of dental marketing are the people on your team and the practice itself and this can be showcased throughout your website, using photos and videos to help patients familiarise themselves with your dental practice and its team. You can help nervous patients to imagine themselves in your dental practice and, by looking at your photographs or listening to your videos, you can help reassure them that they have nothing to worry about, as well as consolidate the importance of addressing their dental needs.

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Promises and a proof of quality dental care

The next two Ps of dental marketing are promises and proof. It is important to promise your patients quality dental care and good customer service, however it is also important to have proof of such promises. When including videos and messages from your team explaining how you are able to provide excellent dental care, it is also necessary to include pictures of successful ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatments at your practice, as well as reviews and testimonials from past patients and existing patients which show their satisfaction with your treatment.

Products and the prices that you offer

It is important that all prices are clearly visible on your website, as you do not want unnecessary phone calls just to enquire about prices of treatments and procedures. Finally, the last P of dental marketing refers to the products that you offer your patients. In dentistry this can mean the treatments and procedures that you carry out, but also the different types of treatment packages which you may be able to offer that make you stand out from your competitors, as it may be something which the others have not thought of. Put all this information together and you’ll have an excellent dental website which will grab the attention of the visitor. It will interest them enough to explore the pages and learn about different dental treatments, as well as educate them in the importance of oral health and encourage them to book an appointment and visit you in person very soon.

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