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Periodontitis damages gums and teeth as it progresses. It is a human disease that can happen to anyone. One of the first indications of this gum disease is blood when brushing teeth, as the supporting structures of the teeth are damaged. Your gums get infected during the early stages of the gum disease, but it eventually gets into the bone below the gums. Advanced levels of the gum disease put patients at risk of illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Patients ought to watch out for signs of periodontitis so that they can visit a dentist for treatment before the disease advances. Below are some of the signs that everyone should watch out for.

Red, swollen gums

These are the first signs that you will notice, which may require medical attention. It starts with swelling around the gum line. This indicates that the supporting structures of the teeth are damaged. Patients might also experience painful and tender gums and bleed when flossing or brushing. In Sandy, you need to visit your general dentist from Alta View Dental Care if you notice that your gums are red and swollen.

Bad breath

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Your mouth provides a warm environment for bacteria to breed. Bacteria produce toxins that damage your gums, which results in a foul smell. Bad breath is an indication of severe periodontitis. Unfortunately, this sign does not manifest itself during the early stages of gum disease.

People who have bad breath often ignore this sign of a gum disease. Even though they are aware that they cause other people discomfort, they do not do anything about it. If a family member has bad breath, do not ignore it as it can be a sign that he or she has periodontitis. Talk to that family member and take her to your dentist.

Sensitive teeth

Your teeth may be communicating with you if a sip of cold tea or any other drink makes you wince. It is a sign that you have periodontitis. When your gums shrink, the sensitive part of your teeth is exposed, which causes teeth sensitivity. Your dentist will give treatment to curb the infection. Do not endure the pain while you eat or drink your favorite drink. Go to your dentist and him or her checked your sensitive teeth.

A different smile

If you have noticed a change in your smile, then it is high time you visited your dentist. Periodontitis attacks bones that hold teeth, which loosens or moves teeth. Also, the gum disease changes your bite. As a result, the way you smile is changed. When you have bad breath or sensitive teeth, you tend to smile awkwardly. You may not notice the change in your smile; it is better to ask a close friend or family member about this. You might have periodontitis, which needs medical attention.

You can stop periodontitis if it gets discovered early and treated early as well. Therefore, make an appointment with your dentist the moment you realize any of the signs mentioned above. Make sure that you adhere to the treatment offered by your dentist.

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