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It’s possible that the beauty products you’re using are the very culprits behind your bad skin. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware of this, or in some instances, tend to turn a blind eye to this fact.

Don’t ignore the red flags. If you see these signs, stop using the products and consider taking the expert opinion of a dermatologist (rather than an online influencer).


Some people think that redness is a normal part of skincare routines. Sometimes, it’s even what assures them that the products they’re using are working. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The redness you see could be rashes, the result of irritation or allergies.

Items that contain preservatives, fragrances or chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid often trigger irritant contact dermatitis, a condition where the skin turns red and itchy. The problem may be noticeable minutes after applying the product. Or, it could take weeks. This is why most people don’t attribute the change to the item because it didn’t have the immediate effect.

Before going in for a skin rash treatment in Provo, doctors highly recommend listing down the ingredients of the products you’ve recently used, so they can gauge them against the symptoms you’re having. In the meantime, don’t touch the products anymore.


It may be a little uncomfortable, but some people ignore skin tightness after their cleansing rituals, thinking that it’s normal. Well, it isn’t. It’s an indication that the products you use are stripping off natural oils, which then triggers dehydration.

The danger in ignoring this red flag is that it will stimulate increased oil production to cope with the dryness. That’s bad news for you because it means more zits popping up sooner or later.

Don’t disregard that tightened-up skin—you’re not supposed to feel that after washing. Use pH-balanced cleansers that are gentle on the skin (bar soaps are a no-no for the face, take note). Make sure that you avoid warm water too when washing, as this can also trigger dryness. After your bath ritual, use moisturizer immediately. You want to keep that moisture in your face before it evaporates. Rosehip seed oils are a good option. Aside from hydration, it brightens up the skin and reduces the scars and fine lines.


Worried woman with acneNow, some products indeed trigger acne during the first weeks of use, and that’s normal. It’s called purging. The active ingredients are speeding up skin cell turnover that it allows nasty stuff to go to the surface. But after a week or two, they should be gone. If they don’t, discontinue use.

It’s possible that an ingredient in the product is making your skin irritated. It’s a cry for help, so to speak. If the zits are popping in spots where you rarely have pimples, that’s another sign that your skin is reacting adversely. Consult your dermatologist for acne treatments.

Just because you’re using skincare products everyone has been raving about doesn’t mean they’re good for your skin. If you see these signs, it’s a guarantee that it’s bad for you. Quit on them immediately to save your skin.

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