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If you decide to have your elderly family members settle down with you instead of sending them to a retirement home, then you’ve got your work cut out for you. You would need to make adjustments to your home and lifestyle to accommodate them, and this will take some time to get used to. The transition can be made easier for the both of you if you try out these suggestions:

Change Up the Atmosphere

Having to settle down and take a break after years of being active is sure to dampen anyone’s spirits. Normally, they would still try to find a way to do what they have been used to in order to feel better.

You can help them by improving the atmosphere. Provide a lot of light and fresh air through large windows and a great view. Placing plants and other decorations such as paintings can help invoke a feeling of comfort and peace.

Provide Leisure and Hobbies

With old age comes a weaker body and it follows that their mobility will suffer. Given that they will be limited in the physical activities that they can do, boredom can become a major concern.

Provide them with alternate sources of entertainment and leisure in your home. Aside from television and movies, you can also encourage them to pursue other hobbies that need less movement, such as reading books and magazines, sewing, knitting, and painting.

Exercise Patience

Elderly couple with their grandkidsThe entire process of tending to a senior’s needs can be physically and emotionally draining for both parties. Your elderly can become prone to mood swings and be unpredictable, causing you to get frustrated and stressed out.

On the other hand, they may become upset about the fact that they feel helpless. It is inevitable that tension will build up and conflicts will arise at times, so do your best to keep your cool and be patient. This helps prevent the situation from escalating any further and making matters worse.

Install Safety Features

Letting your elderly into your home and taking care of them means you have to take extra precautions for their safety. Bathrooms are one of the riskiest areas in your house, so it’s best to install special bathroom equipment for the elderly. Additional handlebars and railings for them to hold on to when walking up and down the stairs are also useful.

Replace your old rugs with non-slip ones or fasten the ones you have to the floor to avoid accidents. Double check all the electric sockets and appliances and have them repaired if necessary to avoid electrocution.

As your loved ones are currently in the latter stage of their lives, the best you can do is to make sure that they spend the rest of their days happy and in the best of care. Provide them with the love and attention that they deserve. This will not be easy, but seeing your loved ones’ smiles are well worth the effort. Also, remember that how you treat your elderly now can influence how your children will do the same to you in the future.

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