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How to create a strong online presence

Having a modern and attractive website and a strong online presence is extremely important for any business to survive in this digital age. With the help of an experienced and award-winning dental Marketing Team these worries can be taken off your hands to allow you to spend your time and efforts looking after your patients, whilst the marketing team deals with the complicated and ever-changing techniques and strategies which are involved in dental marketing. Without a good patient attraction system in place it is difficult to increase patient numbers as there are dental practices available on every High Street, each offering the same general treatments, mostly with good websites in place already and sometimes regular patients may even be tempted to check out the competition if their websites are appearing on their screen. To help keep the appointment books full and and bring new patients through the door, the marketing team will work with you and find out everything about the dental practice and use this information to help create a bespoke website, increase awareness using social media such as Facebook and Instagram and use search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure that the website and any pages and articles of the dental practice are readily available for readers to find. This will help bring the practice to the attention of a much wider audience and help boost patient numbers for the practice.

Google SEO and how it helps attract new patients

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Once an excellent website has been developed for the dental practice addressing all the treatments and procedures available and how it stands out from the crowd and differs from its competitors, the next step in the patient attractions system is to ensure that this website pops out when when people are searching at home trying to find out about out where to carry out their dental treatments. To do this the specialised Marketing Team will use a series of successfully tried and tested strategies to increase the search engine optimisation of the website.

Google SEO is extremely important in the patient attraction system. There is no point in having a fantastic website if readers cannot find it. The dental marketing team will continue to use their expertise to ensure that the practice is on the all-important first page of any Google search results for dental enquiries made in the locality which can be catered for the practice. Over 90% of Google searches only look at the results which come up on the first page and would rather change their search terms than keep scrolling to see what is on the other pages. Using optimal keywords and applying them throughout the website, in carefully written off-site articles and blogs by the marketing team’s experienced writers will help the website remain on the first page of any dental searches which correspond with the treatments and procedures available at the dental practice. Speak to the dental marketing team today and find out more about how these techniques can help boost the success of the dental practice and bring increasingly more patients through the door.

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