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Your smile is more than just a way of expressing your mood. Smiling is said to relieve stress and release neuropeptides which help to make you feel happy. When you smile, those around you are encouraged to follow. It seems perfectly natural that everyone should be able to smile at will but in some cases those suffering with malocclusion may find it difficult mentally to smile. For years dentists have been using Invisalign London to help their patients release their inner joy through smiling.

Understanding you

No two patients are the same and an experienced dental team will spend time getting to know you to understand what your expectations are. If someone has lived with a malocclusion for a long time it can be difficult to believe that their dental misalignment can be corrected. Using some of the amazing equipment developed alongside Invisalign a dentist can show you what your smile will look like after treatment. This facility allows you to derive encouragement about what the skills and experience of a dental team can do for you. You can now actually see that the dream of being able to smile confidently is well within your grasp.

dentist with a patient

Technology, skill and experience

Misaligned teeth are not uncommon and because of this there has been a lot of research and development over the decades to improve the equipment available. The traditional method of correcting dental misalignment was to use a metal brace which employed blocks fitted to the front of your teeth and wires which were passed through the blocks aided by bands which applied the pressure necessary to gradually move your teeth into position to complete the realignment. Dental aligners use a completely different system and even look different, resembling gum shields rather than dental braces. Using computer technology the age of digitisation has revolutionised dental alignment treatment. The 3D scanners used today can produce thousands of images per second which gives a comprehensive picture of the inside of your mouth. Using this digitised technology dentists no longer need to use dental putty to produce a mould of your teeth. They are able to send the images of your mouth directly to the laboratory reducing the time required to produce your aligners. To stay up to date with the latest techniques and equipment members of dental teams involved regularly attend seminars and training.

Comfort and discretion

A number of aligners are produced, each one with its own particular orientation designed to slowly and smoothly move your teeth. The condition being treated dictates the number of aligners required to correct the misalignment condition. Because the Invisalign aligners are made from a clear dental material they are unobtrusive and virtually invisible. They can also be removed to allow for brushing and eating, but must be in place for a minimum of twenty-two hours per day. Each aligner needs to be worn for two to three weeks. At the end of the treatment a final aligner is used to hold your teeth in position. Once the settlement period has passed you no longer have to be self-conscious about your teeth and you can smile broadly with confidence.

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