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Everyone knows already that smiling (and other facial expressions) can cause wrinkles. Smoking does too, making a person look old because of nicotine restricting blood flow to the skin’s surface. In the past, these two were just rumors, validated by science later. Lately, another rumor has been making rounds. It’s still on the subject of fine lines and skin folds, but this time, about women’s favorite beauty routine: waxing. Some people believe that pulling off facial hair on a regular basis can trigger wrinkles in the upper lip area. How true is this?

Fact or Bluff?

There’s a reason many women think that waxing can make creases develop. For one, the tugging movement stretches out the skin, which may contribute to a less firm look. In addition, the upper lip area is notorious for having fine lines. Before you even get those dreaded forehead wrinkles, you would first notice the creases below the nose. Despite these, there’s no scientific proof that waxing results in wrinkles.

Yes, it’s a known fact that movements in the face (like pouting and compressing lips) can leave tiny marks on the surface and form wrinkles over time, but the pulling of facial hair doesn’t necessarily contribute to such, given that it’s not a continual movement.

As for your upper lip being noticeably wrinkly, the thinner and more delicate skin in this area explains it. Even the slightest facial expressions that create movement in that region can result in readily visible creases. Here’s the fact: Waxing doesn’t cause wrinkles. Go strip off that mustache every month. Don’t hesitate to do this beauty routine just because of an unfounded beauty gossip.

Youthful, Ageless Skin

girl waxing her armpit

If your lip lines bother you, there are things you can do to restore its youthful look. As mentioned, skipping your hair removal appointments isn’t one of them. Botox is, though.

Injections in small amounts can help reduce the wrinkles around your mouth, as the treatment reduces or prevents the movements in the area. To know if you’re qualified for a Botox, Utah doctors will run a standard health check and take note if you have allergies to any ingredient in the Botox, any infection at the site of injection, or muscle or nerve conditions. If you don’t have such and aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, then you can proceed with the procedure. The whole thing only lasts for 15 minutes, max. You should be out of the clinic in no time, without downtime.

Another good treatment for lines around your lips is microneedling. It involves the use of a roller that has tiny needles pricking the skin repeatedly. It’s supposed to trigger the release of collagen, the protein in the body responsible for making your skin look firmer and young-looking. Of course, it’s equally important to slather on some sunscreen, serums, oils, and moisturizers around your lip area to make sure that they’re well protected against elements that trigger premature aging.

Again, what you heard isn’t true. Waxing doesn’t cause wrinkles. However, if you do notice some lines forming in your upper lip, consider consulting a cosmetic doctor so you can get the ageless skin you badly want.

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