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The consultation

Although it would be great to decide upon a treatment and just dive straight in, there are many aspects to every treatment and procedure which need to be considered. This is why before treatment is instigated a consultation process will take place. Knowing that the treatment is the most suitable for your individual case is of the utmost importance and discovering the options, along with how each one works, is imperative. No one wants to go straight into a treatment and then find out there are hidden challenges along the way. Having the consultation process in place enables you to ask the questions that have sprung to mind and learn whether you are suitable for the treatment you favour.

Leaning towards a custom-made treatment

When learning about Invisalign London, the appeal of the tailor-made aligners can often seem too good to be a reality. Soft, plastic retainers which fit so snugly to the teeth that they can barely be seen. How effective can they really be when looking that good? In truth, due to their snug, custom-made fit along with the specific pressure points, the cosmetically appealing realignment solution is highly effective and can have results visible and finished within months. There is no sacrificing the efficiency of treatment due to the cosmetic nature of it.

Taking the time to consider the options

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Having a rejuvenated smile can’t come quick enough for some people, taking time to understand the options, even after the consultation, can be important. Looking into the impact on your daily life, how many appointments may be needed over the treatment plan and of course how to fund the treatment. Currently, the more cosmetic orthodontic treatments are not available through the NHS and therefore covering costs is down to the individual. That being said, a variety of payment plans are often available which can ease the burden a little. Although it would be great to just consider the treatment, all these other issues can help you decide one way or another and therefore taking the time to study them is important. The rejuvenated smile will come, it is just a matter of figuring out which pathway to take to get there.

The aftercare

Once treatment is completed it does not mean that the aligners are chucked away for good never to be worn again. Although the aligners used to reposition the teeth will not be continued, a new final retainer will be created so as to hold the teeth in their new positioning and preserve the hard work put in. This part is vitally important as realigned teeth can, over time, shift back into their original positions, but with the aftercare retainer in place this is prevented and preserves the rejuvenated smile.

Having support

Although the idea of the aligner treatment is to put the process back into your own hands, this does not mean that you are on your own. With regular check-up appointments, contact via an app, email or phone and only being a simple visit away, your dental team has you covered. Whilst the treatment is primarily in your hands, the support is still there for when you need it.




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