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A lot of things are discovered by accident.  A classic example would be the story on how Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity when an apple fell from a tree unto the ground. This sparked an idea in his mind, which eventually became known as gravitational force.

Fast forward to a more modern era, accidental medical discoveries also exist. The use of botulinum toxin, or more commonly known as Botox, is also an example of an accidental discovery which has benefited a lot of people until the present.

Due to such discovery, one can easily get Botox in Salt Lake City and in any other part of the country. The drug is made from the same neurotoxin that causes Botulism, a condition where muscles of the body are paralyzed.

The “accident” came when Dr. Alan Scott, used that very same toxin, botulinum, to treat cross-eye. A small amount of botulinum was injected to keep the muscles in place and prevent cross-eye. But, while his patients’ sight and appearance improved, so did their skin.

Thus, this is where Botox was studied even further and was eventually accepted as a cosmetic procedure. Over the years, the medical field has found other life-changing uses of the toxin. Because Botox is originally a drug meant to treat other condition through slight paralysis, the same principle was applied for other functions and parts of the body that, fortunately, reaped good results.

Manage migraine

woman having a migraine

The FDA has approved the use of Botox to treat and manage chronic migraine in 2010. Patients who have gotten Botox as a cosmetic procedure who also happens to suffer from migraine has observed that their attacks have lessened.

Further studies have then been conducted, and Botox was eventually approved as a treatment for the condition.

Improve neck skin

Botox is usually used in the face to help manage wrinkles and fine lines. But because the skin ages as a whole, other parts of the body, the neck included, also need some medical intervention to remain as young-looking as possible.

As with the face, a small amount of Botox is injected to prevent the skin from further sagging down.

Control sweating

The main idea of Botox is to limit the movements of the muscle to prevent it from producing fine lines and wrinkles, and in some cases, prevent the sweat glands from producing too much sweat. The FDA has also approved the use of Botox in the treatment of excessive sweating in the hands, feet and underarms, among others.

Overactive bladder

An overactive bladder causes a person to leak for at least five times a day unintentionally. The condition affects a lot of people’s lives, and the use of Botox has significantly reduced the symptoms.

Over the years, Botox has help people not just look more youthful, but feel healthier as well. But, as with other kinds of treatments, having a skilled physician to facilitate the whole treatment process is a must. Have problems that Botox could fix? Consult your doctor and see how it can change your life.

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