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The coronavirus pandemic has become a source of stress for most people nowadays. Not only is this global health crisis threatening our physical health, but it is also taking a toll on our mental well-being due to the lockdowns, a looming financial crisis, and the never-ending barrage of news and social media posts.

Isn’t it about time we all took a breather? There are many ways you can take care of yourself at home, from trying yoga and meditation to finding time for yourself by taking a long bath, but now that restrictions have eased somewhat, it’s time to venture out into the world to get a bit of pampering.

Finding the Right Spa

One of the most common ways people choose to reduce the stresses in their lives is by going to a spa and getting a massage. Later on, we’ll talk about the many benefits you can get from finding the right massage therapist. For now, let’s discuss the elephant in the room: how the threat of COVID-19 could ruin your spa day.

Social distancing guidelines were put in place because medical experts believe that being within six feet of an infected person is the fastest way to spread the virus. That would certainly be difficult to maintain when you want to get a massage and close contact is necessary to reach its full benefits. Surprisingly, a survey commissioned by the International Spa Association found that only 25% of respondents were “very nervous” about visiting a spa during a pandemic.

Here are the questions you need to ask to ensure both your and your massage therapist’s safety:

  1. How many clients do they see in a day? Some places would try to operate at full capacity and won’t have time to sanitize between clients.
  2. What are their sanitation policies? They need to be cleaning all the massage beds, of course, but they would also need to be sanitizing common areas thoroughly.
  3. Do you need to wear a mask? Some states mandate mask-wearing. Others don’t. Either way, ask them what their policy is so you could come prepared.
  4. Will your massage therapist be wearing protective equipment? Spa management should provide protective gear like masks, face shields, and gloves to the therapists.
  5. What is their cancellation policy? Things are uncertain right now, and your spa of choice should be able to accommodate any changes in your schedule.


Why You Should Get a Massage

We all know that getting a massage is the best way to soften those muscles that have hardened from being too tense, but here are a few surprising beauty benefits of getting a massage:

1. Improves Your Sleep and Lessens Inflammation

We all know the importance of beauty rest. No one likes waking up with a puffy face and bags under their eyes. You could go the self-care route and use a jade roller to decrease the puffiness and cucumber slices on your eyes to calm the bags down. Still, a regular massage session will give you better results since it solves the root of the problem, your inability to fall asleep.

2. Improves Circulation and Releases Toxins

Are you feeling fatigued? Skin looking sallow and dull? It might be a problem with your circulation. And yes, stress can wreak havoc on your skin too, by giving you breakouts or dry skin. Getting a massage regularly can significantly improve your blood flow as it gets rid of blockages, and the healthier your blood flows, the brighter your skin looks.

3. Boosts Immunity

Exactly what we all need right now. Studies conducted about massage benefits have shown that regularly getting massages increases a person’s white blood cells, which plays a major part in how our body can defend itself against diseases. Thus, a massage during this time will add to your ability to fight off any disease, and it would make you look fresher, healthier, and more radiant.

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