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You’d be surprised to know the many benefits of getting dental implants, South Jordan dentists could tell you of the numerous advantages. Aside from filling in the gaps in your teeth, there are many other benefits that range from higher self-esteem to better diction. We’ve listed some below:

1. You’ll speak better

Did you know that having a complete set of teeth is important to speaking clearly and properly? When we talk, all the components our mouths are necessary to produce sounds that people can understand.

We need our tongues to pronounce every vowel and consonant. We also need our teeth for the same thing. So, when you’re missing more than three teeth chances are the words you say are harder to understand.

But, dental implants can help you enunciate your words so that others understand your speech better.

2. You’ll eat better

Another advantage of having dental implants as opposed to having dentures is you can eat better and chew your food with confidence. Dentures have a tendency to slip and while you’re eating or even just drinking. But, with dental implants there is no way come off or fall out of your mouth while you’re chewing, so you can eat in peace and enjoy your meal more.

3. You’ll look better

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Wearing dentures can sometimes make you look like you have something in your mouth because they’re still accessories designed to be worn inside your mouth. On the other hand, dentists craft dental implants to fit perfectly inside your mouth so it won’t feel like you’ve gobbled something you can’t chew or swallow.

Also, since dental implants are designed to fit perfectly inside your mouth, they improve your smile and look like your natural teeth. Your dental implants will help you look like your original self.

Moreover, tooth loss can result in bone loss in your jaw, causing your face to sag and making you look older than you actually are.

4. They’re much stronger

Unlike dentures, dental implants are much stronger and should last for decades. The material dentists use on these implants is just as strong as your real teeth. But the additional advantage is that the synthetic material won’t decay or degrade like normal teeth.

On top of that, dental implants are attached to your jaw with titanium anchors making it nearly impossible for them to be removed accidentally. So, you can rest easy when you’re eating or speaking with someone because there’s no chance that your dental implants will pop out of your mouth like dentures.

5. They make you feel better

Wearing dentures can make you self-conscious. That’s because dentures are not anchored to your jaw so there’s no telling when they’ll suddenly slide out of your mouth. It may happen when you’re sipping soup at an important luncheon or worse, while you’re giving a speech to your fellow coworkers.

But, if you’re wearing dental implants you no longer have to worry about those things because your teeth are deeply anchored into your jaw. Also, your dental implants will make you look like you still have all your natural teeth.

So, in effect you’ll be more confident to go about your daily tasks and even speak with anyone. This can help boost your self-esteem and help you become a better version of yourself.

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