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We asked as many people around us as we possibly could about what they do to keep themselves happy and healthy, physically and mentally, and they’ve given us more than what these basic things meet the eye.

They value physical wellness

Aside from attending yoga classes, engaging in sports, or having an exercise routine to take care of their physical well-being, we met individuals who take self-care to the next level and see a chiropractor and many of the respondents say that they go to a chiropractor in Murray on a regular schedule.

They do this as a way to maintain their overall physical strength, and some say it helps them a lot with pain management. Aside from prescribed medicines from their physicians, chiropractic treatment helps speed up their recovery and allows them to get back in the swing of things sooner than usual.

Other than pain management, this treatment ensures spine alignment and its overall health and is especially beneficial for those who have just given birth, as the spine usually gets hyper stretched during pregnancy.

They value personal time

Many of the respondents say that spending time for yourself doesn’t always have to entail huge expenses or to splurge on ridiculously expensive one-time relaxation packages that would leave you a tad stressed, yet again, when the bill arrives.

Personal time, according to them, whether you’re traveling, at work, or at home is all about the way you spend time for yourself, whether it’s a five-minute break from a chaotic day at home, mothering little toddlers or a 15-minute coffee break from a long and grueling workday schedule.

Said one of the respondents, “It’s how you take the time and how you make use of it. Even one minute can make a lot of difference, especially when you’ve just been in a really tough work situation and you really haven’t got the time to take a much longer break than a minute or two — just to refocus and calm your mind.” And we actually found many respondents say the same thing.
One other important thing that these people do: they go offline for a little bit. Many of the respondents say that allowing themselves to spend a few hours away from their mobile devices or their laptop helps in getting their minds back in focus.

Some use the time to read, write, or draw. Others say writing down their thoughts or jotting down a to-do list is the best way to review how the day went, prepare for the next day, see how they can handle things better the next day. It’s old school, they say, but hey, it still works!

They value spending time with the people they care about

Last but not least, physically and mentally happy and healthy people are sensitive in choosing the people they hang out with. They believe in surrounding themselves with people who understand the balance between being optimistic and being realistic.

They say these people are easier to talk to, more comfortable to be with and are usually calmer as they always have the proper expectations set for themselves and for that of others. They are less likely to feel disappointed and less likely to get frustrated when things go their way.

This is the kind of energy that promotes problem-solving, which keeps things moving towards a positive direction despite the setbacks.

Go with the Positive Flow

smiling woman

After hearing what these respondents have to say, we managed to pick up a few tricks along the way and have found the points mentioned above as things that stood out the most. It’s not as ordinary as we initially thought their answers were going to be.

But listening to them and seeing things from a different perspective made us want to consider doing these things ourselves so that we can take care of ourselves more holistically and naturally.

Perhaps a visit to a chiropractic clinic, a day away from all the noise of social media, and a night in our apartment alone, but not lonely, just soaking up all the wonderful things that happened throughout the day, and how the vast, expansive world outside can all be contained within us, and get to truly appreciate ourselves and be more conscious about those we keep within our circle.

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