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Pregnancy is a significant moment in every woman’s life. Being able to bring life into the world is a very humbling experience. Biologically, it is part of life’s proper cycle. Giving birth is one way to propagate us as a species and contribute to humanity as a whole.

In the US, about four million women give birth every year. These four million women can successfully give birth without any complications. However, there are still some that die from childbirth. About 700 to 900 American women die during childbirth. Some lose their infants before they are born. About 10 to 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriages.

No one really knows why these complications and miscarriages happen. However, many medical professionals claim that caring properly for the baby while it’s still in the womb and caring for its mother decreases the chance of these tragic events. Here are some ways.

Healthy Eating

Watching what you eat during pregnancy is essential to how healthy your baby will be during childbirth. You should practice eating a balanced diet that includes a healthy amount of carbs, fiber, and fats to sustain you and your baby during pregnancy. If you have someone to cook your food for you, make sure that they don’t use too much oil as this can be unhealthy for you and the baby.

Moreover, you should avoid consuming alcohol while you are pregnant. Drinking alcohol while you are pregnant increases the chances of miscarriage by 19%. So you should avoid any drinks that contain any trace of alcohol, even mild beverages like beer. You should also avoid overly sweet food, as this might affect your sugar levels during childbirth. This can be problematic if you have diabetes or a history of diabetes in your family.

Stick to a balanced diet while you are pregnant. You should also have different kinds of meal on your table every day so you wouldn’t be bored with what you eat.


pregnant woman sitting

Sometimes women who are pregnant experience anxiety and depression during and after pregnancy. This is normal. The biological explanation for this is that many chemicals in the human body are released during pregnancy. This can lead to some biological changes, which include the emotions and feelings of the pregnant woman. The psychological explanation is that pregnancy is simply a very stressful period. One of the more dangerous mental issues for a pregnant woman is postpartum depression.

About 1 out of 10 women experience depression every year. This can be a life-threatening experience for both the pregnant woman and the baby. The symptoms of postpartum depression (also known as ‘baby blues’) include anxiety, mood swings, lack of connection with the baby, withdrawal from family members, and feeling guilty. Many believe that postpartum depression is part of a woman’s pregnancy cycle. However, when symptoms last longer than usual, this becomes problematic.

One preventive way of reducing postpartum depression is through mindfulness exercises. Mindfulness exercises are known to be effective against depression, making them an excellent solution for postpartum care. There are many kinds of mindfulness exercises, and you can use them to nurture both the baby and the baby’s mother. Simple breathing exercises can be a form of mindfulness exercise. Positive self-affirmation can also be added to these exercises. There are many unique forms of mindfulness exercises. Visiting your counselor or psychologist can help you discover them.


Exercising is one way you can keep yourself healthy while you are pregnant. Not many women exercise while they are pregnant because they fear that it might hurt the baby. However, less intense exercises such as walking and swimming can be beneficial for any pregnant woman.

Once you’ve visited your doctor for your first prenatal check-up, ask them what kind of exercise you can do while you are pregnant. You can do these exercises alongside your friend, family member, or even your partner. Doing these recommended exercises can keep you healthy in both mind and body. It can also help you deliver the baby much easier during childbirth. However, there are some cases when you can’t exercise.

It’s not recommended for you to exercise if you’re close to giving birth. It’s also not recommended if you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. This may be attributed to your body figure, age, or history of illness in your family. So avoid exercising during these unique moments.

Pregnancy is one of the most fulfilling experiences that life has to offer. However, it has a few pain points that can be problematic. By following this list, you can live healthily during your pregnancy period and eventual childbirth. Remember to visit your doctor while you are pregnant and always ask for help from your friends and family members when you need it.

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