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For some people, makeup is an indispensable part of their daily routine. However, cheap makeup products can lead to health problems, including irritating the eyes and skin. Some products contain harmful ingredients that can be absorbed through your skin.

To keep your skin healthy, consider the following:

How makeup affects your skin

Makeup can enhance your features but it can also break down the collagen in your skin and speed up the ageing process. Foundations, especially liquid ones, can clog the pores and enlarge them or even cause pimples.

Since most makeup products are designed to stay on your skin for prolonged hours, some harmful chemicals might be absorbed into your system through the skin. Even if they do not get absorbed, makeup preservatives and fragrances can also cause irritation.

When applying makeup, the bacteria on your hands and applicators can mix with powders and liquids, which can lead to infections once they are transferred to your face.

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Check the ingredients

When shopping for makeup, always check the ingredients. Do not trust labels stating that the product is “hypoallergenic”, since it has no specific definition and can simply be thrown around for marketing purposes.

Check for ingredients that are harmful for your skin, such as dioxane, lead, phthalates, butadiene, triclosan, and ethylene oxide. Some chemicals commonly used in manufacturing have possible cancer risks, and these are featured in the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners’ ‘Safer Cosmetics & Beauty Products’ guide.

Look for products that contain zinc oxide and have a minimum of 30 SPF rating. These products minimise the risk of skin cancer and protect your skin from UV rays that advance skin ageing.

Your best bet is to shop for safe makeup brands to steer clear of any unsafe products. Get your foundation from Jane Iredale stockists or concealers from RMS Beauty distributors. These brands are natural and organic, and are mostly skin and environment friendly.

Use makeup carefully

Make sure that your hands, applicators and skin are all clean when you are putting on makeup. Do not dip your fingers into containers. Instead, pour or scoop out the product using something disposable. Take off your makeup before going to bed to prevent it from clogging up your pores and oil glands, which leads to inflammation. If the products easily irritate your skin or cause eye or vision problems, stop using it immediately and see a healthcare professional if the symptoms persist.

Do not use makeup every day. For a couple days a week, take a break from wearing makeup to allow your skin cells to regenerate.

Do not store old cosmetics and dispose of them once they get past the expiration date. Mascara is only good for 3 months, liquid products for 6 months, and the rest are good for a year or so. Throw them away sooner if it starts to smell or change in colour or texture.

You should always be careful when using cosmetic products, from the makeup themselves to the applicators. Make these tips a habit to keep your skin healthy and prevent any problems. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make up for the damage caused by makeup.

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