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When it comes to skincare, people are all about slathering sunscreens and anti-aging creams to prevent the effects of being under the sun. But as it turns out, it is not only in outdoors that you are prone to getting fine lines and creases.

If you are like the average person who spends over four hours on your mobile phone every day, it is likely that you are speeding up your skin’s aging. According to various studies, the blue light from gadgets is very harmful to the skin.

How Blue Light Damages Skin

Exposure to blue light has detrimental effects on the skin. It penetrates deep into the dermis, compromising collagen and elastin, proteins that maintain the skin’s structure and suppleness. As a result, you will notice your skin forming creases and folds even way before you hit your 40s. Sooner or later, you may have to get yourself Botox injections in Salt Lake City.

Beyond the sagging, pigmentation may also happen. Some studies suggest discolored spots from blue light are more prominent than those gotten as an effect of exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. And if that is not enough, the light coming from your phone messes up beauty sleep, too.

It is the reason you cannot fall asleep easily when you hit the sack. It affects the melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for sleep. So if part of your bedtime ritual is scrolling through your phone, expect to have tired-looking eyes and face over time.

What You Should Do

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It seems as if the only way you can prevent all this beauty disaster is to ditch your mobile phone. But that is not quite possible, is it? With tech devices necessary for work and social life, it is hard to put it down even for a minute.

A realistic strategy is to use products that will protect you from the harmful effects of blue light while using your device. Start with your mobile phone itself. The cheapest solution is to use a blue light screen shield on your device. Online tech shops have plenty of these.

From here, move to self-care: add blue-light specific products to your beauty routine. There are newly produced serums today that have ingredients like Theobroma cacao seed extract, which can act as a shield against blue light.

Consider trying such. Of course, part of your self-care should be to put restrictions on your use of phone, as well. You can download apps that monitor your screen time and commit to reducing such.

In case you are already noticing some fine lines and pigmentation, consider treatments before the problem becomes worse. Ask your dermatologist for peels, dermabrasion and injections. Tell them your goals, so they can offer you full disclosure of the benefits and risks of each procedure.

The blue light coming from your tech devices is not exactly the friendliest to your skin. If you want to avoid tired-looking skin, update your beauty routine by considering protection against blue light.

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