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Eating together is one of the most neglected yet most important family activities there is. It is not a surprise why it is the most ignored, though. People today are too busy with their lives, from the office drama to the many house chores. What many tend to overlook is the immense benefits of such a simple family activity.

Perhaps you will be able to make time for family meals, considering the things it can do for your family, especially your kids, since according to science:

It makes the family healthy

According to studies, family mealtimes promote healthier eating habits among children. In fact, the more frequent you eat together, the less likely for your kids to develop obesity and eating disorders. Some experts also believe that quality family interactions increase the white matter in the brain.

The 5C’s — connectedness with social circles, caring, competence, character, and confidence — needed for better brain development can all be cultivated with just the simple act of sharing meals. If you want to promote healthy habits in the family, start making the change around the dinner table. Involve kids in preparing nutritious meals. You may want to consider growing a vegetable garden yourself, so the kids will be more inclined to eat healthily.

Make sure to seize conversation opportunities too when you are at the dinner table. Catch up on each other’s lives and express support one another’s interests.

It increases kids’ academic success

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Other studies also show that kids who fare better in school are those who spend regular meal times with their family. There is no direct link, but many believe that consistent, open communication between family members encourage children to commit to positive endeavors, such as excelling in their studies.

Take note that the keyword is consistent. That is difficult to pull off when you are juggling jobs and chores at a time. Good thing, there are ways to make mealtimes less of a burden. For instance, if you do not have time to prepare food, consider getting a weekly family meal plan that Dubai online businesses offer.

These websites are straightforward — just put the key information, name, preferred meal bundles, and day of delivery. With a few clicks or taps on your phone, you can have dinners planned out without a hassle. Now, you can focus more on asking how your kids are doing in school and helping them be better.

It strengthens family bonds

Eating together is not just limited to physical and mental benefits. It also has an impact on a person’s social well-being. Children learn the art of interacting with different personalities at the dinner table. They are able to connect more deeply with parents and siblings and they get to practice active listening and turn taking. These are all important social skills they need to navigate the complex world of relationships.

Of course, there are a few tweaks you need to do if you want this social activity to work. For one, you might need to make your dining room a ‘no-gadget zone’. No phones, tablets, or television. You also may need to be intentional in picking the topics you will discuss, just so everyone can participate.

Do not neglect family mealtimes. There are many benefits you are missing out when you let your busy life take over the dinner table. Prioritise eating together, and start today.

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